Transportation to hotels from Cirrus/airport

Hi all - I have looked on the app and on the COPA website - is there any shuttle bus or other transportation happening on Thursday and Sunday?

Thank you.

Yes the buses will be running Thursday and Sunday. For today’s early arrivals (like me) the IOLS has a shuttle.

Way good, thanks Scott. Did I miss that info somewhere? Where can others find the time and cost? Meet in Cirrus HQ lobby or at the FBO lobby to go to Inn on Lake Superior?

Actually I cheated. Just texted Craig !

For Thursday arrivals I recall there is a shuttle that will pick you up on the ramp.

The IOLS info was in the app under Travel, Commercial Air Travel. The number for the hotel is listed both there and under Lodging.

I do not know if the Comfort Suites has a shuttle but their number is listed inder Travel, Lodging

Two questions about transportation:

  1. I phoned Monaco and asked about the bus from the airport, and the receptionist knew nothing about it. So I’m guessing the bus stop is not at their FBO. Where is it, then?

  2. I understand there is a bus at 6:15 Friday, from Inn on Lake Superior to the Cirrus Life Event. The app says “No other transportation is planned. BE PUNCTUAL!!”, and no address is provided for the event.

If we arrive at the hotel after 6:15, are we allowed to go to the event via our own transportation? If so, what’s the address?

There have been shuttles running continuously between the hotel and cirrus, we’ve gone back and forth a couple times already.