Aeroplan vs Flexcare

Membership expired, so I’m posting here.

Anyone have any thoughts on the Aeroplan vs. Flexcare? I’m due for renewal. They are offering 6 months bonus if paid for by end of March (ie in a few days).

I’m leery as can be of signing off on the indemnification but the pricing is substantially better. After all, how is it that the NTSB won’t find at least 1% fault with the pilot on any given day?

Would welcome any comments on this matter, thanks and safe flyin’ to ya’ll.

You will need to renew your membership. This was hashed, re-hashed and re-re-rehashed about a thousand times. Here is one little thread with over 15 pages of posts.

As I recall, the gist of it all was “don’t do the non-indemnification, pay the man the extra or kiss your estate goodbye”

If thats the summation, nothing has changed, an affirmation was what I was seeking.

I don’t recall that being the consensus at all. Comments were mixed, some would never sign the indemnification, others stated it was a non-worry in the real world.

I just renewed my Flex Plan to the Aero Plan. It was either that or not have any warranty at all, since one could nearly have an R9 installed for the 3 year Flex Plan price. Yes that’s an exaggeration, but they have apparently priced Flex Plans so no one will buy it.

I have the Aeroplan, valid til November 2016, and I will renew it again. It’s expensive, yes, … but at least I know exactly how much I will pay for a failure of the Entegra system or DFC90 …

That is a correct recollection. Lots of opinions were offered, and we even dabbled in the realm of tort reform and lawyer bashing. Gets my juices flowing.

In the end, I personally bought the Aero plan. Too much of a price differential for what would likely be a non-issue. If my son inherits a few dollars less, he can be just like his Dad (who won’t inherit from his Dad, either).

Your post is confusing since the Flexcare plan is the more expensive of the two. Did you mean to say you bought the Aeroplan?

IIRC, FlexCare is no longer available. FlexPlan is the more expensive - without indemnification. AreoPlan is lower cost and requires indemnification.

Typo, corrected.