Considering the Jump...

Hello all,

I am a low time Private Pilot (75 hours) married to a military aviator, and we are considering an airplane purchase in the next two years. I am also an A&P.

We have been discussing the possibility of a pre-owned SR20. I’d love to hear a cost breakdown from owners who are also A&Ps. Engine overhauls and annuals would be completed with an IA, but the menial work I would be doing on my own.

It looks like we will probably be doing this on about $100,000/year household income minimum, living in the south with moderate car/mortgage payments and no kids or any other major costs/spending habits. My husband’s job will NOT require moving unless we choose to, so no need to worry about transporting it around or having to move to an area with a higher cost of living.

Does that seem doable? I am already growing tired of renting and the extra costs incurred with scheduling difficulties, etc., and would love to own an airplane! Unfortunately, as of now there is no business use for us, so take that into account as well. Just weekend flying, cross country, etc.

Additionally, we are about to sell a house and will make about $30,000 on the sale. Would that be best utilized as part of the down payment or left alone for maintenance/etc.?

Thanks, I know there are probably a million questions like this but I’d appreciate an opinion on our situation. :slight_smile:


You’ve come to the right spot, we consider COPA “The place to be for the Cirrus Community,” and I know you’re going to get some very thoughtful responses. Let me suggest you strongly consider joining COPA; behind the “Members Only” wall lies vast amounts of flying, financing and maintenance knowledge, including quite a few members and full-time A&P’s who can really speak to your ownership questions beyond the answers you’ll get here.

Be safe and have fun,

Well, I’m alive because of Cirrus, so I would argue how can you afford not to have it?

All kidding aside, there are some really good cost estimators available. It’s all up to your life style. Make sure a SR20 meets your mission needs though, lots of good buys that should be affordable for you in the 20 and 22 market.

Read everything you can here, and consider coming to Migration.

Hi Kasey,

You need a friend.

By that I mean having someone who is an airplane owner, who has similar values and lifestyle circumstances, and is willing to spend a significant amount of time talking about his/her experience as an owner. The dialogue should cover such issues as fixed costs, hourly expense, and reserves for annuals and maintenance. The range of variables is very broad, too broad for a keyboard conversation, and is often dictated by individual aircraft serial numbers. The topic of the cost of ownership could even include partnerships and clubs.

Your willingness to explore the idea of ownership will trigger follow-on questions that are best done face-to-face. COPA is the place to start. Join!

Good luck.