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I got my packet in the mail some time ago from Cirrus and noticed that they had inserted a couple of flyers from insurance companies. Being a previous aircraft owner I am somewhat familiar with how the insurance process works but it has been awhile.

The flyers are from a Travers and Associates and Nations Air. Does anyone have any specific first hand experience with these companies? Have you seen better service, pricing or claims service (god forbid) out of either.

I was going to call AOPA which is who I went through on my previos plane but thought I would ask first. Also, if there are any other companies you would recommend in addition to these, I would appreciate it.

If this forum is not the place to discuss this, please feel free to e-mail me at

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The flyers are from a Travers and Associates and Nations Air. Does anyone have any specific first hand experience with these companies?

I owned three composite aircraft in 2004 and thought JT Helms from Nations Air did a nice job with competitive pricing as well.

from what I have learned in the recent past is, that there are Brokers that solicit quotes from all of the insurers , except Avemco, AOPA also acts as a “Broker” so basically you want one quote from one “Broker” (includes AOPA) and one quote from Avemco

thats how I am doing it



JT at nationair quoted $2,000 less than AOPA then found a new carrier at the last minute saving me another $3000 AFTER I agreed to his original quote. TOTAL integrity!
Fortunately no claims yet.

Good Luck Eric #917

Wow. Thank you to Eric, Scott, and Brian for the kind words. I don’t normally look at the public discussion much, but someone told me I definetely should, and I’m glad I did.

We have over 500 Cirrus customers in my office, and have had a relationship with the factory for almost 4 years now.

If you’d like to know more about me and NationAir, you can go to

Thanks again.

John “JT” Helms

AOPA/USAIG insured me during year one. During year one, I educated myself by reading multiple posts on the MEMBER FORUM, which is well worth the $50 investment. While the AOPA brokers did a great job, in the MEMBER FORUM you will learn which underwriters are doing what with regard to Cirrus and which brokers work with which underwriters.

So - spend the $50 and get a whole bunch of great data to help in your decision making.

Bottom line, I switched my agent of record to NationAir this year and also got an Avemco quote. I was very pleased with the switch and the service I received from JT and his team.


I’ll echo the recommendations for NationAir. They are a very responsive agency.

Again, as has been said, the agencies do not set the rates, the underwriters do. One good independent agent and one call to Avemco will get you all the quotes there are to be gotten.

Be sure you compare apples to apples on different quotes - particularly sublimits.


Concur that JT from Nation Air is great. As mentioned above, you CANNOT broker shop. You can only get ONE and AVEMCO and that is it.

Find a Aviation Specialist that understands who you are, and can market your particular needs to the aviation insurance companies. There is more to marketing your risk that providing an N#, Hull Value, Where the aircraft is based and what kind of pilot you are. Provinding underwriters with specific information regarding where you fly, what are your personal minimums. What type of airports and locations do you go too, who maintains your aircraft, do you ever fly someone elses aircraft. Do you let anyone else fly your aircraft. Do you obtain training and how often. Some companies reward you if you attend and COMPLETE a wings program, others require an annual flight review and instrument proficiency check in the Make and Model (CPPP). All of this helps in providing the underwriters with the most information to make good decisions about insuring you and at what price.

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Over on the Members’ side you can view a poll that shows how many members have gone with each of the different underwriters.