24 Volt Aero-Tow

I have the opporunity to sell my 12 volt Aero-Tow to the Dakota owner in the hangar next to me, and “upgrade” to the 24 volt model.

I know there was some earlier posting on this, but I never understood the outcome and wasn’t especially concerned at the time.

Can the 24 volt Aero-Tow be adapted to provide a safe power source to the SR20, to be used for running avionics on the ground, starting, or charging a depleted battery? Also, what is the cost of the equipment to do the adaptation (cables, etc.)?

Can a 24 volt charger and 24 volt battery be purchased to do the same thing? (Making the Aero-Tow upgrade swap would cost me about $300 net.)

Finally, for anyone with the 24 volt Aero-Tow unit, how do you like the variable drive? Candidly, I’ve gotten used to the two-speed model and find it pretty good to use.

Thanks for any input on this.


Is Aero-Tow delivering the variable speed (24 Volt) units Andy? I placed an order last September but haven’t heard if they are actually in production.


My understanding is that they’re being produced now.



I just bought an Aero-Tow device on 02-29-02 and it was certainly the 24VDC model. The system performes very well and it comes with a charger. I can highly recommend it.
Terry of Aero-Tow can be reached at 920-648-8114 and the service is excellent.

Best regards,

Laz, SR22, N1952K

If you don’t mind my asking, what was the price of the aero-tow, including shipping?

$1250 ($1.250M for Marty & me) plus $85 shipping.


It was $1,250 and Terry delivered it to me personally to KENW.