Need a tow

I love my Cirrus, but I hate moving it into the hangar. I have seen those electric tows, but they all seem too bulky and expensive. Any recommendations?

Hi Frank. I personally owned an Aero-Tow E-200 and later an Aero-Tow 'Lil Sherman tug (after I moved to a hangar with a slope and a bigger lip) and they worked great.

There are literally hundreds of posts about tugs and other means of putting Cirrus aircraft into hangars in the members-only Forums. Join up and check them out.

Hi Frank;

Take a look at my post part way down on this thread.

This winch has been working great for three years now! It makes all the difference in how I feel about going flying. Every time I put the airplane back in the hangar I am grateful for this solution. We have a somewhat steep apron and only 12-18" on each wingtip. Our problem is getting our aircraft back in the hangar, not out. We pull it out by hand, and that is pretty easy for one guy.

We tried a gas powered tug. That didn’t work as the tires would spin with any kind of moisture on the ground. I disliked the noise and the whole thing. We bought a riding lawnmower and tried that for a while. That was never fun. It put unnecessary stress on the nose gear as the airplane jerked back and forth on the tow bar. It also took a long time to get the airplane lined up just right in our tight space, and just getting the tow bar on was a pain too.

We couldn’t be happier with our electric winch. If you choose to do something like this, whatever you do, never winch from the tail tie-down hook. Stan

I went through the search a couple of months ago and settled on the Powertow 40EZ.

It is reliable and has the power for slopes in front of the hangar. And you can run it on the AVGAS you sample from your plane.

If you join up, you might be able to find a good deal on a used one - I did. Good luck!

P.S. There is actually one for sale right now in the public marketplace.

Nothing like a good wench. Seriously check out copapedia for info. I have used one for 7 years in my thangar with about $300 invested and love it. Shutdown to closing the hangar in under 5 minutes.

No argument there!

I might trade in my winch for that wench.

Frank, i bought an E200 from Terry at AeroTow several years ago. He is a great guy and stands behind his product; couldn’t be more pleased. the E200 is easily capable of moving the cirrus over level or moderately rising ground. However, i have a fairly steep ramp i must climb to enter my hangar and it takes an auxiliary push on the wing to get it up and over. No problem if i have a passenger with me but if I’m alone, its a pain.

I’m willing to sell the E200 at a good price, because i really need the Lil Sherman (the next sized tow up from the E200). It has new batteries and the dolly kit which is useful for moving it quickly into place.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply! At this point I am looking for a remote control operated tow…know of any good ones??

Here. Not cheap, though.

haha touche!

Thanks Gordon!

I just placed my order with AC Air Technology; I am eager to test this out! Thanks for the help Gordon, hopefully the wife won’t complain about the price :wink:

Just tell her it was less expensive than the wench :slight_smile:

Sorry I posted with icopa which does not subscribe to the followup mailings. I don’t know about the remote control tows but I’d never trust mine to a robot. I posted details to copapedia way back (here) but my setup is simple to use. I guide the towbar with one hand and operate the winch motor with the other. I also have a cheap Christmas light remote control switch on the winch control to cut power to the whole thing should things go haywire.

Did you every find a tow? I used an Aero Tow E200. Sold my Cirrus, tow is for sale, cheap $400


I am interested in your e200. I will send you a PM.



If still available, I’m interested.




I ended up buying this, Mike was great to work with.



My timing is impeccable? Been trying to buy a used one for yrs.