Accommodations in Duluth

Anyone have any really good (or really bad) experiences with hotels in the list provided by CD. Have to make reservations so would appreciate any comments. Thanks.

I’m currently staying at Hawthorne Suites in Canal Park area and would recommend it. Comfortable suite, kitchen, large desk with ethernet internet hookup, separate bedroom, complementary breakfast and happy hour, walking distance to lots of good restaurants, ship museum, aquarium, marina, etc. Ask for Cirrus rate, $80/nite. 10 minutes from Cirrus factory.

Richard: I agree with the cheaper accommodations. We stayed in the area of the airport and drove down to the Canal Park area a couple of times for dinner. One thing to note is that your stay in Duluth may be longer than initially planned due to either mechanical problems or to weather. Best to make your reservations with that in mind. We wound up having to move from one place to another due to lack of sufficient days reserved. I don’t think there is any penalty for leaving early but there is certainly inconvenience in having to move.

Very hard to find accomodations for the last We in June, exorbitant prices and no “Cirrus” prices unless it was booked by and paid for by Cirrus. What gives?
Book EARLY if you plan to take delivery this summer…

Don’t forget that the Fitgers Brewhouse has a really fine hotel in the same building

Just got finished making hotel reservations for end of July. I stayed at Days Inn in Nov. last year at $39 night. When I called this time I was quoted $109 per night. After some negotiating and telling the person I was referred by Cirrus I got $39 per night for Thursday&Sunday and $69 for Friday&Saturday. They said you will not find a hotel within 150 miles of Duluth on the weekends in the summer.

Richard:i stayed at the fairfield inn just 4 miles down the road from cirrus. large mall across the street, VERY convenient to Cirrus. I have been there 4 times and highly recommend it.


We stayed at the Inn, which was certainly a bargain — just $29 a night (Cirrus rate) in January of this year. It’s not far from the airport and Cirrus Design, and there are a number of good restaurants within easy driving distance. By not paying for more expensive lodgings downtown, we were able to spend more money on potent potables at’s Brewhouse, which is well worth a visit. (Excellent food, too.)

Your delivery experience will be a delight, guaranteed. You’ll have a great time no matter where you stay!


A surprising thing happened with hotel charges when I recently stayed over a weekend at the Fairfield Inn by the airport – rates went up from $80 to $120 on Fri/Sat nights. Must be the summer rates are higher than winter and weekend rates are much higher!


Rick: It was the Fairfield Inn that threw us out when mechanical problems required a longer stay in Duluth. We wound up at an equally comfortable place in the area of the Target store. Knowing what I do of the Duluth winter it’s no surprise that the summer rates are higher. And, Garrison Keelor said 2002 was a “mild winter” for Minnesota!

My wife and I stayed at the Fairfield Inn for a couple days this week picking up our puppy and would not recommend it (the hotel). I’ve stayed in a lot of hotels in Europe with the “tiny rooms”. This was smaller and still $71/night.
We moved to the Hawthorne Suites with all the goodies (kitchen for cold beer at night) for $75/night.

Walt N224AZ (OWNER! What a plane!)

In the summers Duluth is a major destination from Minneapolis and other areas. I was told the place is crowded in the summer. Perhaps advance reservations are necessary.

Duluth is also a winter tourist destination for snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, frostbite, hypothermia, and other outdoor events. Reservations are probably a good idea in any season of the year!

Hypothermia: the new tourist rage! Wait until there is a real winter, one worthy of Garrison Keelor praise.

You’re right. I got kicked out of the Fairfield Inn in early December. I was stuck there in fog and snow but they couldn’t extend my stay due to the weekend tourists who had booked the place solid. Cirrus found me another room in town.

Call Cirrus and ask them to set up your accomodations - they offered to do it when I went to get my plane!
(Unfortunately, I had already done all the “leg work” or I’d have let them!)

June 22 is “Grandma’s Marathon” day in Duluth. There are 10,000 runners in town for the marathon and half-marathon. That might be the problem.

I just booked at Days Inn for five days starting the 24th. No problem there but they say I will have to get out on Sat. Think I’ll also call Hawthorne Suites to check their availability given an earlier post.

I tried Hawthorn Suites for Jul 11-15 and they’re all booked up for the 13 & 14 - some convention and a “weaving thing”

Walt - What did you tell them? Those rates are terrific. Do you have a room or a tent? I just made reservations for 6/24-29 and they quoted me $55.80 for M-Th and $98.10 on F. That was after claiming AARP and Cirrus. I hope you were as successful in negotiating your contract with CD.