2020 COPA Migration CANCELED 😢

The COPA Board of Directors met 2020-07-19T06:00:00Z and it was unanimously voted to Cancel this years Migration which was scheduled to take place in Amelia Island, Florida, 2020-10-08T06:00:00Z2020-10-11T06:00:00Z.

The cancellation of the event is based of several factors including guidance from public health officials across the country related to COVID-19, a low number of member and Vendor registrations, and cancelation of several Speakers/Educators.

COVID-19 factors include numerous states having travel restrictions in place, including Florida.
Flights too and from many countries are banned. These restrictions make it not only difficult,
but in many cases impossible, for individuals and companies to participate in the event. The Florida Department of Health has recently issued an advisory recommending that individuals avoid participation in gatherings of more than 50 people.

As much as we want to spread our wings and fly off to Migration this fall, as pilots we must take all aspects of safety into consideration while preparing for a flight. We have brought that same approach to our event planning this year, and the risks (Financial, Health and otherwise) simply outweigh the benefits, so unfortunately we have to keep COPA grounded this fall.

On behalf of the COPA Board of Directors, Migration Committee volunteers and staff, we thank our Migration exhibitors, sponsors, attendees and other participants for their patience, loyalty and partnership as we move through these unprecedented and challenging times.

In an attempt to bring some positivity to a disappointing announcement we do have 2021 and beyond to look forward to:

For those of many members(myself included) very much looking forward to Amelia Island this year we will just have to wait until 2022. COPA has secured the Omni Amelia Island Resort for the 2022 Migration scheduled for 2022-10-06T06:00:00Z2022-10-09T06:00:00Z

Next years event, the “Migration 2021” will take place from 2021-09-23T06:00:00Z2021-09-26T06:00:00Z at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona with KSDL and Ross Aviation as our host Airport and FBO (only 1.2 miles from the Hotel)

We will release more information about each even early next year.

For those of you that did register for 2020’s Migration. Thank you! A refund of your registration fees will be made as soon as possible. If you would rather convert your fees into a tax deductible donation to the COPA Safety and Education Foundation, please email Migration@cirruspilots.org and we will be sure to provide you the documentation needed for your tax filings.

For those that would like to contribute to the SEF, you can do so here


Thank you and the others for the effort. It’s unfortunate but inevitable given the fragmented nature of PPE usage around the country.


Bummer, but I don’t see any alternative but to do so. Thanks to all those that worked hard to put this event on. See you next year.

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Eric FYI the forum seems to input your location time zone next to the date, which makes it a bit complicated to read.


Thanks for trying. For those without preexisting conditions who want to get together, have a few drinks and tell a few lies, Joyce and I will be there. I will check to see if the hotel will honor the COPA rate. If enough come we will organize a mini Migration. COPA is never 100% grounded.


I checked with the Omni and they will honor the COPA rate and would be happy to help us put together any arraignments we want. PM me if your interested.


Many thanks to Erik and the Migration Committee for all their hard work, this was undoubtably a very bitter and difficult decision, but one that had to be made.

I’m certain we all share in the disappointment stemming from the cancelation of M18, and eagerly await Migration 2021 in Scottsdale next year, I have every confidence we’re going to blow the roof off the Kierland Resort & Spa!

With the cancellation of all 2020 CPPP weekends and M18, our association needs our support, now more than ever, please consider Erik’s closing remarks above.


Dang! We were looking forward to it. This would have been my first Migration.

With only 28 people attending, I can understand.

I just got back from a 3,600+ nm across the country trip via Cirrus SR22, so I’m a little more risk tolerant. Flew from Atlanta to Vale, OR (just NW of Boise) for some back country flying with a friend. Then met my wife in Rapid City; she flew there commercial. We toured around there, then she flew home with me.

We may still go to Amelia Island in October. Need to get a break from work and being at home all day every day; we are both working from home 100% due to COVID.

Thanks to everyone who worked on putting this together. I’m sure each of you is more bummed with the cancellation than we are with all the effort you put into this.

Thanks to the board and the migration committee for grappling with this situation. I can sympathize having dealt with similar situations with two other organizations. You have to make the least bad decision as there are no good solutions.

In my view, this was absolutely the right call given the many layers of risks to the participants, third parties, and the organization.

For what it is worth, POPA is planning to conduct much of the educational part of our cancelled convention on-line over the course of the next few months. Can’t replace the social component, but the educational piece has substantial value.


So sad …

The board had a really tough decision to make. But it is understandable … :sob:

Thanks to the whole migration committee that works tirelessly for 12+ months to put these events together!


Well, it’s a shame, but IMO the right call. Thanks to everyone who explored all the possibilities to see if the event could go forward.

I’m glad that you were able to secure Amelia Island for 2022, as it looks like a great venue, and one I’m truly looking forward to visiting!

I’m selfishly happy to hear that next year’s event is planned for Arizona, though – that puts it in easy flying range for me from the San Francisco area. I’ll start looking forward to it now.


Me too. I might actually attend my very first one next year!


Thanks to the committee for all the work put in on this. I would have liked to make this my first Migration but this was not going to be the year. Hopefully in two months we’ll look back and say, “you know, it probably would have been fine,” just like those days you cancel for weather only to have storm clouds clear at the last minute. “Better to be on the ground, wishing you were in the air…” and all that.

Normally I’d say Scottsdale is a long way from Boston, but my company is holding its annual user conference in Denver the week of 9/21/21, so that gives me two reasons to not leave it to United to do the flying.


Thank you for the work behind the scenes. As a Cirrus owner since 2001, I embarrassingly haven’t yet made a migration. Let’s hope for next year.

1.Tough decision after hard work- thank you for both.
2. I believe I understand what you are saying about the upcoming events, but it reds like Yogi Berra.
3. Next year in Jerusalem!
4. Oops! Arizona! That’s the ticket!

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Bad news, thanks for the hard work… but maybe in 2022 I can fly to Amelia Island! Hopefully will be better!

As a former Migration Chair, I can deeply sympathize with the very tough call that the BOD had to make. It was the correct one to make, despite all the momentum this effort had built. Thanks for being the adults in the room.

I look forward to seeing everyone next year!

Warmest regards,


You can still come down to Amelia Island and get the discounted room, and waived resort fee and you can still see … some of us. :grimacing:


I have already booked my stay, if the hotel stays open, will still go.