Migration 2020 Save the Date | October 8th -11th, 2020 | Amelia Island, Florida

More info to come…

October 8th -11th, 2020

Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort, Amelia Island, Florida

Got it on the calendar

New COPA member and sr22 owner. Do they block out rooms and we register thru COPA or do we need to book rooms at resort now?




It’s on my calendar, and I’m organizing a gaggle of COPANs to head that direction!


Room block and registration will be announced in the coming month…

Great location choice! Amelia Island, actually Fernandina Beach (KFHB) is a gateway to great South East Coast fly-in destinations, so plan to do some flightseeing as part of your Migration trip. KFHB is one of our favorite $100 Hamburger destination or weekend getaway destinations from Hilton Head Island, about an hour to the north. There are many fun places to visit, 10 minutes away is Jekyll Island (site of several COPA Regional fly-ins), another 5 minutes Saint Simons Island another lunch or a great weekend stop, another 20 minutes Savannah and/or Hilton Head Island, both sites of COPA Regional fly-ins and another 20 minutes Charleston also a site of a COPA Regional fly-in. If you fly in the other direction (south) Saint Augustine is a great place to visit. Patty Wagstaff’s aerobatic school is there and a lot of history to tour, another 30 minutes is Cape Canaveral, the site of a couple of COPA Regional fly-ins. The point is, you are flying to the center of a large number of fun places to visit so as long as your on the South East Coast take advantage of the opportunity. Come in early or stay over and either use KFHB as a headquarters for day trips or the jumping-off point or final destination for an extended trip. There are plenty of COPA members in this neck of the woods who will help you plan your Migration extension so start thinking about it now.

Amelia Island is going to be a great Migration!

Gil, I am going to save your post somewhere! Those sound like great destinations for some future flights … even for this guy waaaaay out in AZ. [:D]



PS - CU at Migration!

I guess our slogan for our West Coast crowd will be: “Flying to HEVVN and beyond”

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For those of us who depart from The Wall (All That Stands Between Iowa and the Hordes of Manitoba and Western Ontario) early-to-mid-October weather can be…sporting. Some days, it’s gorgeous, comfortable and any frontal activity is dealt with some good ADM. Other days, nasty, with icing from very close to the surface all the way up to the Flight Levels and ceilings down very, very low.

This one may sadly be a trip on the winged cattle cars. [:’(]

See you there,

So I have missed the last two migrations since being an owner, I don’t plan on missing this one. Question, what is the policy on kids? Can I bring them because the resort looks awesome. If not, or if is discouraged, no issue. Just trying to plan.


The 2019 MMOPA gathering was there last May. Really great spot - nice airport, great FBO, terrific hotel and as noted above, lots to see in the area. Terrific choice for Migration!!!

Let’s just hope there are no uninvited tropical visitors …

Amelia Island Plantation is great for kids with a full-time children’s program staff.

Oct weather is still warm enough to use the beach and ocean. The Omni’s pool’s are staffed for children and adults (2 bars and 1 restaurant).

The beach in front has its own staff with rental items and cabanas.

The bike riding on dedicated bike paths is phenomenal. - particularly the ride to the 2 deserted islands just to the south (they are state parks / wildlife preserves). Easy ride for children 7 and up.

5 golf courses, 2 of which are inside the Plantation.

The old town of Fernandina Beach has some fun shops and great restaurants at the harbor. - Will keep spouses occupied if shopping is their thing.

The Omni also rents multiple condo’s and houses - although they would not be part of the group rate for the hotel. - if you want larger multi-bedroom accommodations. All are served by the on-demand van transport service run by Omni.

Charter boats are available. Highly recommend the marsh / Porpoise tours.

Also consider taking the NPS ferry up to Cumberland Island to tour the Carnegie mansion(s). Even better, arrive 2 days early / late - and stay at Greyfield on Cumberland Island (go see where JFK Jr was married there and where the Coke heirs still have properties).

2 islands south (10 min drive) is a Raptor rescue facility that is fun to visit.

Kayak Amelia runs marsh kayaking trips and also has a bike tour program for the NPS Fort and park on the north end of the island. Civil war reenactors are there as docents. The Fort is about a 2.5 hour tour alone. And with any luck you will be checked out (by serious people) just prior to seeing a Trident go by 150 yards away in the channel.

The city park just south of the Fort has 4 miles of walking / running paths - and you are guaranteed to see gators in the creeks beside the paths.

The Amelia Island Plantation (where the Omni is) is the southern 1/4th of the Island - it is truly a unique place to live or visit.

Great location!

We’ve been there many times, both Amelia Island Plantation and Fernandina Beach. We saw the Bausch & Lomb tennis tournament at AIP when it used to be there.

We’ve got it on the calendar.

Is there more information on this other than the facebook link? Some of us don’t use FB and the

https://migration.cirruspilots.org/. has last years information still up.

Here is the link from facebook.


That’s not good enough. You’ll have to do it in formation.

You are forgiven, but only because you’ve now made your hotel reservations. It’s a great family location.

What nights are you available to babysit?[:)]

Yes, but the Facebook link will have far more information such as other things to do in the area; sites to see, and details that will be posted several times a week.

As to privacy issues on Facebook; you can sign up and not post any of your personal information and only click LIKE for the forums in which you are interested.

IT’S ALIVE !! AMELIA ISLAND - COPA - M18 - See you in the surf


I babysit the whole darn group.

Anyhow, as W.C. Fields once said . . .

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