1st Canadian SR20

From http://www.aero-news.net today:

Cirrus Design Corporation announced today the delivery of a SR20 aircraft to Tim Harpell of Toronto, Canada. This is the first Cirrus aircraft that was manufactured to meet the regulations of the recently-adopted Canada Transport Type Certificate. The SR20 is Cirrus’ entry-level aircraft, offering 160 kt cruise speed with its 200 hp engine.

Harpell is a true fan of the SR20. As he continued to wait for delivery of his aircraft, he investigated the possibility of purchasing a different plane. After considerable research, he determined that with its performance, comfort, safety and price, the SR20 met his criteria perfectly. While awaiting delivery, Transport Canada and the FAA-ACO-Chicago completed the certification process, and Harpell was able to start the paperwork to register his Cirrus aircraft in Canada.

Also, Cirrus reported that a SR20 aircraft, built to Australia’s type certificate, departed for Australia this week. It is the first Cirrus aircraft built to meet Australian regulations shipped directly from the factory.

“To date, Cirrus aircraft have been built to FAA standards, then shipped to other countries” said Alan Klapmeier, Cirrus Design President and CEO. “These deliveries are just the beginning of our efforts to product aircraft to national specifications worldwide.”

Congratulations to Tim and to Cirrus!


Thanks Steve,

We were quite pleased to take delivery of our SR-20 (C-GDET). We still have a few more hoops to jump through to get our Canadian Certification finalized. I will post a follow up message to let the list know what we have learned on our journey through the certification process. We have definitely learned a few do’s and don’ts along the way.

More to follow.


Eric Harpell

An example of the extensive re-engineering required to meet Australian standards for the SR20 mentioned in the news release is attached :slight_smile:

More seriously, while the changes required for Australian regs are minor (some additional placards and an earth lug on the fuel filler) it’s pleasing to see that Cirrus are willing to attend to these details.

The SR20 that is currently on its way to Australia is only the second to be delivered here (plus a demonstrator still on the N-reg) and is being delivered to the CEO of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.