SR20 Certified In Canada

I have it on good authority that the SR20 was certified in Canada last week.

Congratulations Alan, Dale and company!

OK, my ‘reliable source’ proved to be less so. I admit that I have violated the first rule of journalism: always confirm your info. (Sorry Jim and Rick - Please don’t yank the press credentials I got in the box of Cracker Jacks!)

Ian Bentley has confirmed that Cirrus EXPECTS to Receive Canadian certification this coming week.


I’m curious whether certification in Canada requires spin testing. I’m pretty sure spin training is still required there for a private certificate.
Any idea?

No, idea, but if I had to make a guess, CD received a waiver due to the CAPS. If not, one would assume that testing would be applicable for more than Canadian certification.

I will ask my “less than reliable” source.