Yoke Modification/Replacement - Yoke Switches

A number of people have been asking about changing their old style press-to-talk switches to the new style switch. Is anyone aware of any threads related to this or have any information concerning this or yoke modification/replacement? I am trying to get a feel for what some owners experiences have been or what they have been told by various service centers. Thanks for your time.


I mine converted. Works great, significantly better switch. The switch is a tad larger, so you have to drill and tap it to accept the new thread size. Easy to do though.


What size is that tap and where did you get it? It is very fine threads for such a large hole.


I had it done at Sunrise Avionics in Las Vegas. I had it done on a spur of the mo,ent because he had the switches and the tap so I stood around and watched. Unfortunately I did not note the tap size. He did say it was an unusual size and had bought it locally at a tool specialty shop. Sorry.

I edited my posted, didnt mean to mislead that I actually did the work - although I frequently do.

I had mine done on my 2006 years ago at my SC. I believe the total cost for the new switches (4 including the new dedicated autopilot cutoff), new plates, and full installation was around $1,100 at the time. They pointed out that I could easily just do the left one for about half of that. I did them both for a number of reasons, one of which is that I am an idiot.

A good amount of $$$, but the new-style switches are MUCH nicer.

Wow. I honestly don’t recall what I paid, but I would have remembered THAT. I do like the idea of a dedicated AP cutoff though.

Several threads on the Members side. Best $65 bargain in aviation.

$65 ? Sound too good to be true!

Can’t find the postings.

No threads under “Yoke switches”

Where’s the link?"


The search function is (currently) a bit clunky.

Try the Advance Search Options and then search on"

new and switch and talk

I requested a quote on this with my SC just few weeks ago. They said they can’t do. I also searched the $65 dollar thing and did not find. The little white PPT is annoying and hurts my finger.

Cirrus wrote a document describing how this change is done, so yes, it can be done. I had it done on my NA several years ago.

Would someone post a picture of two of their conversions?


I think Gordon’s $65 reference is to COPA dues, not a switch upgrade bargain. Sorry to disappoint!

I have one in the shop…
I’ll send out a nugget in the morning…

Thank you Gordon![H]

15/32-32 NS (national straight)

Any idea what the part numbers are and where I can get the switches?

Cirrus parts or just generics ?


Cirrus P/N 51761-005. API will have them through a SC. I imagine you can find generics but I haven’t looked.

Thank you Roger.