Replacing the left flap

I recently bent my left flap and I’m curious is anyone know how much that cost to replace.

I had a quote for one that was about $5k earlier this year.

It will depend on the aircraft serial number. There are two styles of flaps with different prices. It is also cheaper to order an un-painted flap and have it painted.

Thankx, just spoke to cirrus I gota quote for $2k for unpainted left flap.the part # 16891-001
5k if I want it factory painted

Thats a pricy paint job. But if you don’t have anyone around who can do it for about 1/5th the cost… I guess you can try sending it back and forth in the mail to someone who can. I bet you still come out ahead of Cirrus’ list price…

Did they tell you how long? I’ve been waiting for a new flap for 7 weeks.

They told me 10-12 weeks, I am still waiting also.

I had to wait about 6 weeks for an elevator as I recall, that was recently. No fun waiting, my sympathies.

I have a set of flaps for a G5 that were removed when I bought the plane because of some very mild corrosion around a few of he fasteners. Big and difficult to ship, but if you need them, lets talk. Painted silver and in good condition.

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