Bose X Replacement Stirrups

I have new aftermarket Bose X stirrups to repair your Bose X headsets–aviation-stirrups-yoke.html

Terry Gerber

KC Headsets


That’s great news. I threw out a couple for that and I think there are a couple of others around here that need them. I will inventory what we need and order some

Great idea!


Timely post as my wife just broke a bose x headset on Saturday. I was amazed there was no fix available from Bose - except to buy a new A20 headset.

Now where to get replacement ear cushions… They are 14 years old and need them.

Hi Paul

$19 for the cushions at “My Pilot Store” 877 314-7575.

I also ordered a replacement yoke from Terry today (from first post) and he seems like a standup guy.

Amazed that Bose no longer supports the Bose X.

And we biatch at Avidyne…


I just bought a pair on eBay. They look just like the originals. I’ve installed them and will take them up tomorrow morning. They are much better than the ones I had my boys print up for me. These must have been professionally scanned and printed with a high resolution printer.

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