Wow... Ecuador airport actually did this !

Imagine being on minimum fuel !

they mayor said in spanish she stopped a plane full of coronavirus when all that was on there was the crew, since when do mayors have such power, oh yeah, Daley.


A friend is a mechanic and sent me some video of this. THat was wild.

I fly there quite a bit. Currently, the hotel where we layover has gone to strict quarantine. Check in. Go to your room. Oder room service. Check out 24 later. Glad it’s a short layover.

Dang, we were in Guayaquil July and then to Galapagos, glad I checked it off the list then.

We did the same (Galapagos) with a group of pilots/planes in late Feb. As I recall it was the only airport on our itinerary that took our temps getting off the plane. Good timing. Bob