Just back from Groningen to the UK after passing through a line of thunderheads (exciting but necessary to get home!). The Flyin of Eurocirris was amazing and the reception at Groningen magical.Thanks go to Bill Middendorp and everyone else for making it possible. I attach one of my pics.

and here’s another one. This is the first Cirrus delivered to a customer in Bulgaria. Inside the hangar where we had a great party.

Shelve the COPA Migration poster for a while…
THAT PHOTO of “Sunset over Cirri” has to go on the Home page!!

Mike: Strange, the European Cirruses look just like the US ones, but you guys really have great hangars!


Hey Mike,

I lived in Banbury for three years. Just for fun, have you ever buzzed or done a touch an go at Upper Heyford? Or have they completely done away with the airfield? I worked on the F-111’s there and many times wondered what it would be like.

Great pictures!

Tom Bleier

Yes but in the UK we fly on the left.

No, it appears to me that the sunset is under cirrus…oh, you mean the Cirrus airplane, not the cirrus cloud! Darn, I always get those two confused! [;)]
Maybe the picture should be called, Sunset between Cirrus.

We should open a Gallery for people to post their pictures of the event. There will be loads!

THEN we should have a competition for the best sunset Pic!

I got back much later than Mike, I flew Groningan - Antwerp, Antwerp - Rouan, Rouan - Denham. Dropping people off, including Mike R! (My plane was COPA ONE for a while flying the president!)

As for the thunder storms over the channel, I can confirm my stormscope works! Yesterday was the day it paid for its self.

I diverted to Rouen becuase the lightning was striking over Le Harve, the Storm Scope warned me, but I didn’t divert until I was visual with the beast of a storm.

Then on the ground at Rouan had to wait to re-fuel while a commercial jet was handled. Then by the time I departed the storm was approaching Rouan. They were busy landing all their GA traffic, and asked me if I still wanted to depart.

I said yes, as I could out run the storm in the other direction.

I launched and headed direct BNE heading for tha narrow section of the english channel, and ahead of the storms.

The StormScope was FANTASTIC. I could see my destination was clear, and that I could out run and fly around the bad weather.

Others were not so lucky. As I crossed the FIR boundary,BNE DCT DVR, London Information were working two aircraft mid channel.

A 172 and a twin, were both crossing the channel further West, having been deceived into crossing the water, without knowing that the most Easterly part of the storm was Mid Channel.

One was saying “Looks bad a head” - are there any reports of bad weather? I was 90 miles to the East by that time, flying through clean air. Fortunately Mike R and I had had a chat about PIREPS so I thought I’d give it a go.

I chirped up and said that although I was to the east, my Stormscope was showing the worst of it was in a line from Deauville to Seaford.

Thats when the twin said - “He’s right - we are in it just now”!!!

Don’t let anyone ever say that a Cirrus is not a safe aircraft! I was the one that could both see and out run the storm, The others guys were flying blind, and nearly got caught, over the water in a lightning storm. A potentially FATAL situation.

There is no question in my mind. A Cirrus is the only bird I ever want to fly…


HI Ian

Glad you also made it back in one piece. It sure was an exciting trip back!

In reply to:

We should open a Gallery for people to post their pictures of the event. There will be loads!

I’ve just added a “Groningen Fly-In 2003” category in the Picture Gallery off the Main COPA page.

(After you submit the photo, it’ll take a while 'til I check the submitted photo list and approve them, so don’t expect to see it immediately!)


Thanks Steve!!!


Just put some Pictures in it. Thanks!


I just took a peek at the photos section to see if they are there yet, and the section has a thumb nail, but when I open it there are no photos. Are you working on it just now? or is this a bug?

Same for the new “Home Page Submissions” section


Hi Tom
You would find Banbury has grown a lot in the last few years. No I havent been able to do a touch and go at USAF Upper Heyford. I have always been tempted to do it but these days the runway is covered with cars. I think the car manufacturers are stashing their cars there before delivery. Come over and take a look some time!


The pics should be up now - just took me a while to get to them.


Great Job Steve thanks!

It means a lot to us to have a little online archive of this fabulous weekend!

On another subject, is it possible to map some public URLs to redirect to popular sections of the site, my suggestions would be: - direct to members discussion forum. - direct to market place (could be placed on public advertisements for planes etc. - redirects to the gallery etc.

Just my 2c worth