Flying the Caribbean (Part 7) - to Nevis -- Hopping Off and On Islands

A lovely one hour flight Dominica to Nevis. Takeoff to spec and awesome scenery.

With the airfield at Dominica a bit on the short side and the largest rocks on the southend, we had a concern for a southerly wind… fortunately, winds were calm this day. Still made sure to check the 70%/50% rule… and our trusty steed did well. What would be your strategy or decision with winds 010@10 at TDCF (3130’)?

Thoughts, questions, and suggestions? I’d love to hear from you.
Thanks for your insight and enjoy the video!
Wayne, the GeezerGeek Pilot



Hi Wayne I’m thinking of doing a Caribbean trip. I’m out of Orlando. I’d love some advice! And recommendations. Many thanks, Simon.

Simon, I’ll be happy to help in any way.

Here’s the full 9-part playlist from the trip, with Parts 1 and 2 covering much of the planning.

And a spreadsheet we used for planning, including ranking of candidate islands to visit.

Feel free to email me ( with specific thoughts and questions.
It’s a GREAT journey!

Hey Wayne! Just watched episode 1 - so pleased you did this! What simulator set up do you have? Loved that. Loved all of it in fact - the planning is my biggest concern - looking forward to the next episode which I’m starting right now. Just wanted to say hi and thanks!

And what is that weather app on episode 2? Looks great for freezing levels etc - not that I worry about that down here in FL…!

Simon, I’m super pleased you’re finding the videos useful.

Simulator: X-Plane 11 on a pretty minimal Mac laptop.
Here’s a Primer on X-Plane:

The weather website is or iPad app Windy… an awesome and free tool!

Enjoy… and keep the questions coming!

Thanks Wayne! I’m just about to land in the BVI! Really useful stuff. What info do you have about the paperwork to get in/out each ‘country’? Does everywhere you land need to have immigration? I also noticed there was a $500 handling fee somewhere - did I read that right?? I’m less worried about the flying than the paperwork to be honest (for now at least!). Also for approach plates and the like is that all available on Foreflight? And my annual subscription for my Garmins has just ran out so I am about to renew - which databases would I need. Sorry but you did say keep the questions coming - I hope you don’t mind!! Thanks indeed - Simon.

You’ll love BVI :slight_smile: (via video and future in-real-life). Thanks for watching!

Customs and Immigration is a (fun) challenge and varies a bit by country. But generally, yes, at each country you’ll need to file some paperwork (manifest, sometimes online in advance, sometimes once you arrive). You can use the FBOs (for $$$) and/or a “handler”… or you can roll your own. In increasing difficulty/expense of the countries we stopped in… Bahamas, Dominica, Nevis, BVI, Dominican Republic, Turks&Caicos. There’s good info on all this in the AOPA Bahamas and Caribbean guides (worth the money).

So yes the flying is relatively easy, the paperwork a bit of a challenge… but it’s very very doable. See the AOPA guides and as you get closer, toss me some questions. Also join the Facebook Bahamas and Caribbean pilot groups.

Approach plates… you’ll need a Jeppesen subscription, which is a plugin for ForeFlight.

Panel avionics… you’ll also need to make sure your panel avionics, e.g. if I remember correctly, the Garmin “Americas” plan covers the Caribbean.

I’m enjoying the questions…so don’t be shy. I’d suggest the AOPA guides are a good thing you should be starting to study. Also make sure you look at all the “tabs” at the bottom of my Caribbean Planning Spreadsheet:

What’s your desired timing of the adventure?
All the best,

Hi Wayne - I’ve just been to Dominica! At this rate I won’t need to go myself! The plan is for my wife and I to do it sometime but we don’t really have a schedule. Probably a bad time of year to start thinking about it - what would you say? Summer a bit iffy with the weather? Dinner has just landed but just wanted to say thanks for the advice thus far. Simon.

Hi Wayne. We have our potential route and thought I’d share to see if you have any comments as I know you’ve done the same research and obviously have direct experience of some. May I also ask how you make the video? I can see it is GoPro but how do you get the audio into it (and any other tips)?! SO (it’s long a will likely be thinned out- bear in mind we have an easier start from Orlando!): Fort Pierce, Exhuma, South Caicos, Punta Cana (work), Beef Island, (next we can’t decide St Maarten/Anguilla), Guadeloupe, Martinique, Dominca, Nevis (or St Kitts), St Criox, North Caicos, Nassau (friends), Fort Pierce. Too much??!! I’m enjoying the planning and thanks for your help!

Simon, now that’s an awesome itinerary!
Suggest we take this offline… send me a short email ( and I’ll reply via email with answers on gear, etc.
Very nice!

Great experience, congrats!!!
And great places to visit. probably the most challenging parts of this flights are the paperwork and the airports. Small aircraft get along better in small airports :wink:


Alexis, thanks for watching! Indeed paperwork is a major challenge (and in some locations, bureaucracy), but certainly doable. We cleared in 7 different countries… it took some research in advance (delegated to my super-experienced copilot :slight_smile:)… but worked well.
All the best,