Where do you stick it?

Ok now I have your attention.

I just received my US Customs User Fee decal for an upcoming trip to Canada. The instructions say “Place on outside of the conveyance within 18 inches of the normal boarding area where it is visible when the door/hatches are open.” Has anyone come up with a particularly esthetic location for sticking this eyesore on their plane?


No, but as long as it can be seen when the pilot’s door is open it is OK. Conventionally it would go in the lower front corner of the pilot’s side rear window.

I just tape mine in the window with clear tape. Then remove and keep with my aircraft registration when not in the Bahamas (My normal out of US travelling area)


you can stick it on the inside door hinge on the pilot side and see it when it is open and not see it when it is closed.

The instructions say “Decal MUST be adhered to conveyance by adhesive on decal,” and the adhesive is on the back of the the decal. So they would seem to want it on the outside of the plane. But I guess you guys are saying just sticking it in the window seems to keep them happy. Even post 9/11?


Not exactly. I place it on the outside of the window. I have always understood that the decal must be permanently affixed, which I would think would rule out taping it to the inside, but each U.S. customs office is a litle different in their adherence to the rules.

When I asked a very similar question of the office at Ft. Pierce (FPR) Florida, they said that as long as it was visible when approaching the pilot’s side of the aircraft they were OK. I took that to mean that if it was on the edge of the door or door jam so it could be seen with the door open that was fine. Even the inside of the door would be OK.

For the record, most corporate jets place the decals on the airstair door on the vertical part of the step when the door is in the open (down) position.

Even so, I placed mine on the lower forward corner of the rear window on the pilot’s side. As for looks, I wear it as a merit bdge of sorts. All-in-all, not that many GA pilots fly internationally. The decals are very common on aircraft based in FL, and I would suspect the same near the borders with Canada and Mexico.