When did Cirrus make Big upgrades to the SR-22

I am looking at purchasing a used Cirrus with a Partner. What years, if any, should I avoid…or what is a better choice of years? Any input would be appreciated.

The newer the better is pretty much the answer. There has been continual improvement. Buy as new as you can afford and buy a turbo if you can…

Some idea of your budget would help. Especially in Colorado, a G3 Turbo is the way to go.


I agree with Joe. Being a brand new design, the Cirrus was consistently improved each year starting with the very introduction of the SR22 in 2001 (late in the year). each year after some feature was added starting with the PFD glass in late 2002, TKS at around the same time and then small but significant revisions each year.

So it depends what you want. None of them were “bad” years but the newer the plane, the more upgraded features and , of course, a higher price. The G3 introduction helped solve a problem most designs have with add ons. Each edition adds weight so the useful load goes down. The G3 reduced the basic empty weight of the plane with a much lighter wing design so more of the extras could be carried without too much useful load sacrifice.

We have budgeted about 200k. I don’t think we can get a turbo for that but would love to have one.

We are looking at the 2004 Vintage. When did Synthetic Vision show up in the Plane?

A good starting point would be to check Copapedia. I don’t see a way to link directly to the page, but just search COPApedia for “Cirrus Feature Dates.” That will give you a very good timeline of changes and help you draw lines between serial numbers you want to consider or avoid.

If you are not a member, you will have to join to access COPApedia. Best $65 you will ever spend on aviation.

Way later than 04. If you want that level of avionics you need a Perspective or to buy a older plane (G1 vintage) and spend the money on a Avidyne R9 conversion.


Synthetic vision is a product of the Prospective version of Cirrus planes that have the full Garmin G 1000 suite. That did not start until 2008. Avidyne is coming out with synthetic vision for its R9 upgrade that is available as a retrofit.


Check out the January 2008 Buyer’s Guide issue of Cirrus Pilot magazine.



SynVis became available when the Garmin Perspective avionics became an option, and I think that was in early 2008. I don’t think $200K will get you into a Perspective-equipped airplane.

Personally, I prefer the Avidyne avionics, especially now that Avidyne R9 is available.

If I had it to do over again, this is exactly what I would do.

As far as the Airplane itself is concerned; are there any major Airframe or power plant differences between a 2001 or a 2004? I am finding some of both but about 50k in price differences. What kind of an upgrade is the R9 (Price and Time)?

Thanks for everyones input !

A 2001 is a pre-PFD G1 airplane with round gauges (Sandel). A 2004 airplane will be a G2 and will have the Avidyne Entegra PFD/MFD avionics (“Glass cockpit”). This assumes neither airplane has had major avionics upgrades such as Avidyne R9. There are several variants of R9, with the most common running about $75K IIRC.

No powerplant differences. Some airframe and general improvements, none affecting performance, and not nearly as extensive as the changes between G2’s and G3’s.

It seems that most Cirrus owners are pretty passionate about the airplane. I have never been in one. I have watched videos and read about them and It seems to be the airplane of choice for single engine. I have a very nice Piper Arrow II with GPS and Autpilot, GPSS etc. Has anyone made the transition from my Airplane to the SR22 and if so, how much different or alike are they. The Arrow is very forgiving and relatively easy to Fly. It is just not as fast and won’t go as High, and for me to go West (Mountains), makes me a little more nervous. I would really like to demo a Cirrus soon. I just can’t afford a new one.

As usual Gordon, you are wrong wrong wrong . . . at least mostly wrong.

While there are G1’s they are NOT necessarily pre PFD. (although the 2001 is) Mine, for instance is Full PFD w/ flight director, a DFC 90, and TKS, and in my opinion, better positive engaging door latch pins. I don’t consider an autopilot upgrade in the same “major” avionics upgrade like an R9, and can be done for less then $10k.

This is hard to do in 1 line or even 1 paragraph COPA posts. This is complicated. The complications come from the permutations, which must be contrasted against your needs. A early G1 would only be a great choice if you really want SVT. A early 6 pack G1 is a light airframe with really depressed prices and take your saved purchase price money to install R9. Of course a mid route is a later G1 or early G2 with a Avidyne PFD. Both those have pros and cons, for example the early G1 will be light, but won’t have TKS as an option. Only you can decide based on your mission and vales work best for you. Call me on the phone and I would be willing to give you more detailed explanation. 623-570-1320.

Quite a few here have made exactly that transition. I did not, but I do have some arrow time. The cirrus line shares many characteristics with the Grumman line, specifically the Tiger. The arrow is a stable forgiving airplane. The cirrus is a lot higher performance than a piper, it’s higher performance is the big transition issue. It’s clean, so speed control requires more attention. You make less dramatic control inputs in a cirrus (responds faster on the controls) and you have to think much further ahead because of the speed difference. I am sure if you post where you are located some COPA member will be glad to take you up. Get to Phoenix and I will.

you may consider getting a “cirrus certified” plane. I did not get one but there are distinct advantages. they usually come with a 90 day warranty which offers some peace of mind. I believe you also get a transition training with the purchase. My local salesman was helpful in talking to me about a certified used cirrus. As stated I did not purchase mine that way but I do think it is a great idea.

you need to also think about the upcoming line cutter replacement and chute replacement. both are mandatory. If you get an older G1 the chute will be due really soon. A G2 will allow you to put off that expense and the chute repack is easier to perform.

good luck and read COPA. it will be the best cirrus investment you make.

I am located in Fort Morgan, Colorado…1 hour NE of Denver.