About to pull trigger on 2004 SR22! Need advice!!

This is my first solo plane purchase and first Cirrus. In the past I started with a Piper Cherokee, then Cessna 172 and finally I was a partner in a Piper Arrow. After a catastrophic engine failure of my own in the Arrow I started to look real hard at the Cirrus again!


I loved this plane from a distance but never really considered it as I truly didn’t fully appreciate the qualities of this plane. After loosing an engine in a SEL plane it would have been a nice option to have, especially if there was no snow covered field to land in.

That said, I am about to pull the trigger on an SR22. I found a nice G2 2004. I have seen the plane and met the owner and was impressed. It was well maintained at a Cirrus Service Center. It appears that no MX cost was held. It has many upgrades but like many things in aviation there is so much “customization” that it is hard to compare apples to apples. The dealer that I am working with said Savvy is usually an extra expense as the plane was always managed at a service center. This makes me a little nervous.

Here are the specs: From prior posts the DFC 90 seems like a nice upgrade. New packing. The other additions seem nice. Two questions, what if any would be a must have that this is missing? (I am new to Cirrus I feel like I am learning about new features every day.) What would be a fair price all things considered if in great shape?


Very Low Time, Excellent Cosmetics with consistent Cirrus Service Center maintenance. Platinum Engine, TKS and Rosen Visors. Great upgrades including WAAS, DFC 90 autopilot, TAS 605 Traffic, XM weather, CMAX charts and an M20 Oil Seperator. Combined with a fresh fall 2014 parachute repack this aircraft is ready to go!
New Price!!!
800 TT

Engine Specs:
IO-550-N, 310 hp, 6 point mount engine
Platinum Engine
EMAX Engine Monitoring and Fuel Totalizer

800TT, Hartzell Sensenich 3 Bladed Propeller

Avidyne Entegra Primary Color Flight Display (PFD)
Avidyne EX 5000 Multifunction Display
Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel / Intercom
Garmin GNS 430 WAAS Color GPS/NAV/COM
Garmin GNS 430 WAAS Color GPS/NAV/COM
Garmin GTX 327 Transponder
TAS 605 Traffic
DFC 90 Autopilot
L-3 WX-500 Stormscope
CMAX Electronic Approach Charts (Rev. 8)
XM Weather and Audio

Additional Equipment:
Additional Features:
Repacked Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) in 2014
TKS Ice Protection
Three Bladed Propeller
Complete Logs
Tinted Windows
Polished Spinner
Rosen Sun Visors

Safety Features:

Overall White with Yellow and Black Striping, 9/10

Beige with Black, 9/10

That looks pretty solid for a Cirrus of that era. It is similar to mine. The only suggestions I have are these:

  • With hours that low, I would check logs to see if there were very long periods of time with no operations. If there are, look very closely for problems that may have caused (I.e. engine corrosion).
  • The M20 unit has not received great reviews here. If you get the plane and still get oil on the belly, consider changing it out for the Airwolf unit. Not a big deal one way or the other.
    Good luck.

I didn’t see any upgrades that weren’t standard except the DFC90, which is a nice addition IMHO. But i don’t see any problem with hiring SAVVY for the pre-buy, as they know so many Cirrus specific things to look for that some SC’s overlook. Being nosey, what’s asking price? [:P]


I hope it works out! It looks like a great setup. The WAAS radios’s with the DFC 90 is a good upgrade.

Savvy is a great idea. They will look for all the things like SB’s and AD’s that may or may not have been done. Have Savvy look at the logs. If they give them a green light then hire them to do the manage the prebuy ($375). They will find a shop to do the prebuy but it will be up to you and the seller to get it there. Prebuys run around $700-$1000.

The seller will not mind you having another shop look at it. Pretty standard practice.

Are you using a purchasing broker?

David at Lone Mountain has the plane listed.

I have the same vintage G2, the only thing that I see that may be missing is TAW’s, If you never fly near significant terrain, not something you should worry ab out. If you do and in fact it is not equipped your in luck. I upgraded my avionics to Avidyne R9 which has built in TAW’s and will sell you my old TAW’s unit cheap, if you need that feature. I agree Savvy is a good choice for pre-buy and assuming the price is fair looks like a good bird. By the way love my 2004 G2.


No one hurt, nice job on the forced landing.

That vintage is sort of a sweet spot in the market. Very attractively equipped and well depreciated. Good luck with the purchase.

Oh yea. join Copa!

Saved me thousands of $$ over the years.

Like having your home airport with all Cirrus owners.

Eric. 2004 G2.

Thanks to everyone that responded. Before I was close to buying a a Cirrus I joined COPA. It already has paid off. To anyone who is considering a Cirrus, COPA is a must! Thanks for everyone’s prompt response.

This is the plane.


This is my first “rodeo” with a cirrus. It isn’t G5 money but it is big money to me. I want to get it right.

When you join up, check this link. It is on the member side. It is a check list to run through on a SR22 G2. It is a flying test of each avionics component and the engine running lean of peak.

This plane is 3 parts - an engine, the aircraft and a computer system. A mechanic can check the engine by doing a borescope check. You can eyeball the aircraft for issues - like loose wheel pants farings. And you can check out the computer system with a flight test.

Don’t assume everything is ok because it was at a service center. There is a lot of stuff that can not be checked on the ground (by a mechanic).

Just something to think about, but in that price range you may consider a 2006 model with the upgraded electric system. You can find the details by doing a couple Copa searches, and you can identify by looking for airplanes with the glovebox on the righthand side of the panel.

Just bought a similar G2, same year. I have been extremely pleased, especially with dispatch rate - 100%.

I bought the Avidyne warranty, and gosh I’m glad I did. First, the PFD went. Avidyne replaced it ($6K otherwise), and in the process, upgraded it to latest software. Now the MFD needs replacement.

There are two verions of the warranty with the same coverage. Read the fine print. The Aeroplan requires you to assume liability for any future accidents caused by your Avidyne equipment. It’s much cheaper.

I used Savvy for Pre Buy…great decision. They will show you how to test every aspect of your engine. I also engaged them to manage my maintenance, though I haven’t needed much advice so far.

My only ongoing problem is oil on the underbelly, and engine doesn’t like full oil. Savvy tells me this is not unusual, but it’s a hassle to clean.

An Airwolf will make that problem a thing of the past. Some people here swear by them. Others are opposed to them. I am in the first group.

My engine seems to like having 6 quarts of oil. Any more than that, and it will just blow it out pretty quickly.

Are you putting in 8 quarts?

Using savvy to look at an aircraft that has been under savvy may not be…savvy

I looked carefully at the photos of the Cirrus on Controller. The ad says it has a TAS-605 traffic system. I don’t see the required antennas for a TAS-605 on the airplane. Check that out and be sure of what you are getting. I remember some broker saying the Cirrus he was selling had Emax on the MFD. The fellow posting on COPA that bought the airplane got it home and it did not have Emax. Check carefully to see if the Garmin GNS-430’s have been upgraded to WAAS. I don’t see the external WASS antennas on the airplane either. They may have been upgraded very early on and the antennas may have been mounted internally like the non-WASS original installation.

I am sure you are attracted to this airplane because of the low total time. You are paying a premium for that low time. There are 1800 hour airplanes out there that are in just as nice condition that are heavily discounted for the time. Don’t overlook those airplanes just because of the time. Low total time means it has been sitting a lot and that is not good for the engine.

I just took another look at the photos on Controller. I don’t see the WX-500 stormscope antenna normally mounted on top behind the com antenna. If these are current photos, the antennas are just not there to support the equipment they advertise to be in the airplane. Where are the photos of the instrument panel? I would sure have someone inspect this airplane and verify that it has everything in it they advertise.

I’ve been watching the market also. Only seeing the asking price, it seems this is very fully priced for an '04… This thread is providing very helpful advice, thx all.

“What He Said” [Y] There are also several that have 1800+ hours with “0 SMOH engine” ion the same price range that may prove to be far more value than an engine that has sat for much of its life. [H]

looks like nice bird. don’t worry about the low time if flown regularly. if not they can take a look at the engine for possible corrsion but i doubt it. get the m20 separator off and put on air wolf. i have 03 and had to do it because of oil on the belly related to m20. you will enjoy the room and utility as i do.

If you haven’t seen the bird in person, do it! It will likely help you make the decision.