Website dark view

I can not get this website to stay on the dark mode. I have click the preferences to dark mode and clicked on the disable the auto dark switch and saved.

It does not work for me.
I have saved the remember me sign in, and it does not remember me.


What device, browser or app are you using to access the forums?

I had to clear my browser’s cookies and restart the browser to get the dark mode to “stick” after a Erik put in the automatic dark mode switching. I don’t know if that will work for you but it might.

I use a PC and Chrome. Windows 10

This ensures that you stay logged in to the main passport site, it is possible that every 3-4 days you will need to click “signin” when on the forums to re-validate membership. (This is for subscription management, we are looking at alternatives to make this better, while still adhering to Security best practices. etc.)

As for Dark mode, I would recommend clearing cache/cookies.

ok clearing worked!


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