Dark mode again

Website goes to dark mode. Have disabled automatic switching in preferences but still does it.

Hello Lewis-

“Disable automatic Dark Mode theme switching” must be selected and the changes saved, it was not set on your profile, I made the change for you.

I had done that once this morning and rechecked it. Apparently it did not take. Seems to be a recurring issue perhaps related to website updates? Thank you.

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Still dark. Disable has been selected and saved three times today. Two of mine and one of yours. Sorry.


Let me look into this further, I can’t replicate it on my end, but to be perfectly honest the Discourse Auto Dark Mode plugin has presented issues for members in the past.


Mine reverted back to dark mode as well.

Thank you Scott-

I’ve escalated this issue and will report back as soon as I receive word from our IT team.


Hi Hans.
I have the same issue

If you have not done so already, please reference the topic below for more information:

COPA Forums Dark Mode | Enhancements/Changes