Background keeps changing

Perhaps this is only my issue, but despite a default selection for the background to stay light, the site keeps going to the dark side.

Not just you.

Same here.

Is this a new issue or has it been happening prior to this morning?

It happens for me periodically since beginning. Usually refreshing fixes it.

Could you each provide Operating System, and Browser type:

Myself: Windows 10, Chrome

Also make sure you have the following also settings set correctly under your preferences → Interface

Disable automatic Dark Mode theme switching

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How do you get to preferences page?

It has been happening about five days.

Click on your avatar upper right,
Then click the person icon,
Then click preferences,
Then choose interface.

The options are there.

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Yes, Erik I mentioned it to you a month or more ago.

Found problem. Somehow the choice under Preferences to disable background switching had come unchecked.

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