Happened to be at VGT on Thursday. And seen one of the orignal Cirrus planes. It looked real nice I did not walk up to it. Due to other comotion there. Just so happens M. Jackson was sneaking out of Vegas in the gulfstream. About 20 feet in front so could not go on the ramp.Did not want to get involved. The tail No. of the VK30 was N52TH If you want to look it up. Does anyone know how many are out there flying? I will look it up. I just thought it was neat a fun day on the ramp. Or should I say Vegas.There were also 1 SR20 and 2 SR22 so many out there now. Don


It appears that a fellow by the name of Tom Hastings of Winnetka, CA built it. It took him 9 years!! More patience than I have. I got this info from http://www.gonavgps.com/news.shtml>this. Look at the 3rd and 4th picture down the page. You can also see it at [ this link near the bottom of the page.



Just couldn’t wait could you. Had to go out there and get your fix!

It won’t be long now. You can make it.

Are the shakes starting to be more regular now?

Sweet Dreams,

David Schwietert 203 RF PFD/TKS

I’ve seen N52TH at the EAA show in Camarillo, CA. It’s a big airplane, as well as a remarkable piece of craftsmanship.
Incidentally, http://www.gonavgps.com/images2/ky2.jpgthe photo of N52TH’s panel may give the impression that there is a Garmin GPS/COMM at the bottom of the radio stack. In fact, there’s just a picture of one stuck to the panel!
(edited to correct the aircraft’s home base)

Actually Tom took on a partner in his VK30 about a year and a half ago by the name of Dave Kolstad. They hangar their plane at my home base of Whiteman Airport (KWHP) just a few miles north of Burbank (Soon to be renamed Bob Hope) Tom, Dave and I help out with the EAA young Eagles flights There at Whiteman. They are great guys and have a great plane.


Hi Jim,

My error — I had thought that the airplane was actually based at CMA. I’m delighted to hear that the owners are as admirable as their aircraft!


Yes its tuff. When you have owned a plane for most of 16 years to have to go without. For sure when your waiting for a great plane like the Cirrus. And all those great avionics. 14 days from today I leave. Hope the weather is better there when I get there. They are getting 8 to 10 inches of snow today and more tomorrow and more the next day, High winds blowing snow. Don

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14 days from today I leave. Hope the weather is better there when I get there. They are getting 8 to 10 inches of snow today and more tomorrow and more the next day, High winds blowing snow.

We wish you all the best for your delivery. Don’t worry about the snow - it’s just part of the raw material for the airplane. (They are white, and anyway, I just found this photo from the Migration… didn’t you ever wonder why cameras aren’t allowed in the factory?)

  • Mike.


I know the feeling well. 4 years ago at AOPA Expo in Long Beach, I caught the future vision of aviation. I saw that the “old technology like” planes we were flying would hold a pretty good resale value for about 5-10 years. Once the Cirrus, Diamond’s, Lancair’s, etc… started hitting the secondary market in a bigger way, the resale value of the old planes would start to diminish. I owned/partnered in a C 182 for 25 years. Loved it! But… the handwriting was on the “wall”. So, I came home and put it up for sale.

My reasons for selling were multiple:

  • the ac needed an new autopilot (wingleveler died)
  • the front panel needed new/updated nav and com radios and other little things - like a standby vacuum, etc…
  • the interior needed some updating

I could see that it would easily cost me 40-60K. To do that, I reasoned would have to fly it for another 5-10 years to justify project payback (to me).

After selling my “baby” and her memories, I was without a plane for almost 15 months. I was not a pretty site and my wife says that I was “somewhat hard to live with” (concerning my loss).

So, I’m back in the saddle and loving every moment!

Congratulations, if I can make it - you can make it.

BTW, if I am here on your way home (RAP), ring me up. RAP is about 3 hours from DLH. A good place to stop for fuel (Jetstream Aviation for best price on fuel) and an overnite if you need. We get a lot of Cirri coming through here.

David Schwietert 203 RF PFD/TKS

Thats very Funny Mike. You are not Just a good pilot you are also very funny. Don

Thanks for the offer I will let you know. I plan to leave Duluth the afternoon of the 10th. If all goes acording to plan I am also thinking about swinging by MI. For acouple days. Depends on weather and several other things, I am also thinking about going to Kitty Hawk for the 17 of Dec. I have to get that cleared thru the high comander (wife) . Don

If you decide to go to Kitty Hawk…Give me a shout or stop by FCI (next to RIC) along your way. Happy to buy you lunch and be ‘envious’! Not often we get to meet westcoaters! Best o’ luck

Thanks I will let you know. Don