Because of a very generous Cirrus SR22 owner, I got to go fly some instr approaches with him. To actually fly in this plane and see it do what it did absolutly sold me, it was like a dream, it totally blew me away. The plane literaly flew itself so until I get enough hours to satisfy the insurance company, I’ll fly the heck out my Skyhawk trainer and sooooon as I do that I’m gonna git me a Cirrus. No disrespect to the other manufacturors this is the best GA aircraft bar none, way to go Cirrus Design!

I was at the airport today. Just to fly and clean my plane, get the Emax info. When I got back there was a Trinidad TB20 on the ramp. 2002. Now I have owned 2 of these in the past.I liked them very much. When I sold my SR20 After 2 years. I really liked it also. I thought of maybe getting another Trinidad just brefly. But I decided to get the SR22 and I am so glad I did. It is much sharper airplane my 22, and faster, and more avionics all for the same money. If you were to put all the things the SR22 has into the TB20 it would cost another 70 or 80 thousand more. So today was the first time I was able to compare the planes . Mine is only 1 month old but this was the turning point for me. I am now in love with my outstanding airplane, And all I did was fly 30 Min. one way then back. Kind of just tinkerd and learned more stuff. So I will more than likely get my 3rd. Cirrus in 2 or 3 years. From Don

While waiting for my instructor at the airport cafe today I saw a good friend that has a very busy (and quite excellent) used aircraft business - he’s an experienced, long time pilot, but had never sat in a Cirrus. No time to fly him around, but he sat in the plane while I fired up the electronic goodies. I had him STAND in the back to illustrate the ease of egress and basically gave him the nickel tour. Some comments from him:

  1. “If anybody ever flew this plane, they could never, ever go back.” Persumably he meant back to the steam gauges.

  2. The cockpit reminded him of “Darth Vader’s bathroom.” [:)]. I am not EXACTLY sure what that meant…

  3. “These kinds of planes could really put a crimp in the used market for high performance aircraft.”

Hi Don
Looks like you are enjoying the plane. I feel like you I love this plane and am having a ball with it. Give me a call sometime so we can visit
Jerry McDaniel