Cirrus honor

I was asked to Display My SR20 .At the north las Vagas open house On pearl harber day the 7 of december.The maniger Dan asked me He said I want speacial airplanes. And everyone has been stoping by to ask a about my new plane, and to have acloser look At My new Cirrus.Out of all the planes on the field at least 100 they asked me and a home built lancair and there is goin to be tri moter and a few others.I thought was an honor and I will do it and give out Walts cards to the people that want it.It is the 60 annaversry of our airport.The lady that had it 60 years ago will be there and lot the big wigs from the state and county. So if you are in the area stop by.It is from 10AM till 2 PM free cake and band .Just thought I would share this with all of you. From Don 705DM