View from my room

I hope you are not missing it. Spectacular sunset. iPhone doesn’t do it justice.

Ditto from my room. A good omen for a wonderful Migration to come!!! Cheers, Chuck[H]

Amazing…looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Same here! Really looking forward to meeting everyone!

Sad I had to bail on attending this year. :frowning: Have a blast!

Now I’m really upset. All I’ve got is a view of the parking lot.

You don’t rate. [:D]

hope everyone has a great and safe time, sorry I couldn’t make it this year. Dennis I them move you to my room. It is an upgrade from what you had reserved.

Well, my string (M2, M4-M15) had to end sometime. You all have a great time!

Warmest regards,

Well Dennis, it could be worse… iPad camera doesn’t do it justice.

Full disclosure, NOT the GVR.

Parking lot for me!

Harry, looks life you are working for a freight company now, not a cattle carrier. wendy loved your photo in the engine cowling. You guys have a great time without me.


Mine is not bad! Very cool sunset at GVR just now.


Loved the View…

7652.GVR Balcony.jpg