M15 Photos

Just got home. Had a great time. Tanks to Bill and his crew.

Does anyone have any good photos that they want to share? One of the things I was really looking for are pictures of all our planes. I heard a rumour that someone was going to take an aerial photo of KMQY with all the Cirri lined up and parked.

There are many photos on the M15 Facebook page

Sadly, I’m not on facepaste. I’ll find someone who has an account and will let me peer over their shoulder. I appreciate your reply.

EDIT - Just tried the Facebook page for giggles, looks like I can see it even though I don’t have an account. Thanks Dennis!

A shot of the serene, dew covered ramp (Rwy 19) at sunrise this morning, just before takeoff, with taxiway Hotel in the background. What a great looking row of hardware.