Rows and Rows of Cirrus

So I could not help but smile today as I saw so many people commenting and smiling about the rows and rows of beautiful Cirrus aircraft parked on the airport here at ADS. Welcome to all. We are glad you are here in Texas!!!

Had a lot of fun meeting many of you tonight. Looking forward to seeing you at the trade show and the classes or other events.

Been fun. Got to meet several friends from our on line home. Great to put a face to the person on the computer. Also great fun sitting at the bar talking and watching football.

Even my wife is getting in on this and that alone makes all this worth it.

See yall tomorrow.


any pics ?

Even the local news and airport authority were out taking pictures.

This was an awesome first Migration for me and my team. We look forward to being at many more COPA events and meeting many more COPA people.

Thank you for coming to our home here in Texas. If you are coming by sometime give us a call.

if you come across a link for the story and pictures please post it.