Under 30 days to go and over 300 Registrations, Migration 13 "Deep in the Heart of Texas"

Well we are under 30 days till Migration 13 and are now over 300 registrations. If you have not registered, but think you will have the time, you should register this week. The migration team is making final orders and coordination soon on meals, name tag orders, etc. Don’t wait tell the last minute. Register now.

The FAA is being very helpful and is working to make our arrival and departures a fun and painless experience thanks to Andy Brown and Tim Valentine.

If you are coming to Dallas and your Jeppesen data subscription does not cover that area, Dezi at Jeppesen wanted to let everyone know that the COPA/Jeppesen deal provides for 50% off of Trip Ticks. So you can get all the data coverage you need for your trip to and from for a reduced rate. Just call the COPA Jeppesen number and they will get you squared away.

Cirrus is planning the best Cirrus Life party of the year. You don’t want to miss it.

I will be flying down alone from Wisconsin. I would love to meet up with someone and fly in a gaggle on the way down. I am heading down on Wednesday and I am planning to stop in Branson for fuel.