Looking for partnership or club in southeast Michigan

Longtime pilot. instrument multi commercial rated

Looking for interested parties for Cirrus partnership or club. KPTK is my first choice.

light personal use.

contact JB 248.802.0325


Hi Justin,

There is a SR22 owner in the Detroit area that bought an Eclipse but wants to keep his SR22 and convert it to a 2 or 3 person partnership. I think he had it on Controller.com and it still could be listed there.

BTW, I keep my SR22 at KPTK, hangar N10. Stop by and say hello. Alternately, join us (a bunch of PTK pilots) for breakfast Saturday at Jerry’s Coney on north side of M59, east of Airport road. We meet about 7:15am.


  • Thanks Mike. If I am around on Saturday I will stop by. My work has some rather erratic travel schedules.
    also, let me know when you may be at your hanger so I could stop by and see your plane.

thanks for the info.


Justin, I would be interested as well. I sold my 22 last July. Please let me know what you find.