Partnership at KSMD or KFWA (Ft. Wayne, IN Area)

Looking to find an SR20 / 22 that needs a partner. Recently moved to Ft. Wayne. 800+ hours in a Cirrus, IFR. Any options

Humm…….I just sold my 2006 SR22 because I didn’t fly enough. I have 3,500 hours total with 1,600 in two different SR22’s. We should meet. I live on Clear Lake.

Love to connect… I have been renting at Sweet Aviation at KSMD - SR20 G6.

We moved to Ft. Wayne about a year ago. Let me know when you have time for coffee?

Take care,
Keith Kaczmarek

Sorry for not following up… how about coffee next week?

Sent you a text. We’re forming a flying club with 8 members around an SR22 at KGWB. Love to have you.

James Reitz 260-431-1467

Can’t help but I can plug Sweet Aviation as first rate!