E7 Migration to Elba now up and running !!


Dear Cirrus Pilot and E7 Elba Attendee,

Only 4 days to go until our yearly European Migration, Fly-In and Beach Party is starting! Looks like we have well over 100 attendees and more than 50 airplanes this time – we are so proud and happy!! Thank you all for coming!

We are also happy to see that the weather forecast for the weekend is looking good which will relieve us from the possible burden to collect you from alternate airports. However, if for any reason you cannot complete your flight into Elba, try to alternate to either Bastia on Corsica, or Pisa in Italy, so that we can concentrate shuttling effort to 2 places only.

Here again our mobile numbers:

  • Timm +49 160 743 9464

  • Gerda +49 160 793 1999

  • Manfred +49 171 344 4197

Please do carefully study the Elba Marina di Campo VFR approach plates! Approaching from the North, please extend your flaps early and reduce your speed to 85-90 while flying through the valley. Then swing over and approach the airport diagonally to the runway – align yourself on short final. No problems with a missed approach which will lead you to the open sea.

If you are approaching from the South, approach is easy but missed approach would be challenging.

If in doubt, please overfly the airport area in 2000’ and get an impression how everything looks like, before you start your approach.

We have enough fuel available in Elba for your refuelling, but we also recommend that you refuel in Bastia, Corsica, which is only a few miles away. This relieves us from many taxi operations on the small Elba field while parking 50 airplanes at the same time. And it relieves you from the high fuel prices in Elba (3 Euros per liter). – If you want to refuel at Elba, please do so directly after landing – Sunday morning might be difficult in a long queue.

If you are arriving from a non-Schengen country and Elba is your FIRST point of entry into Schengen, we have a customs officer available at the Elba airport. To avoid any difficulties, report to the officer before you start unloading your plane.

We’ll meet you on arrival in 2 ways – first, there will be somebody marshalling you to a parking spot. Then, please come to the Restaurant “Da Gianni” where we have a meeting room and will provide you and your passengers with a welcome drink. Also, if you are hungry, “Da Gianni” has something to eat for you for reasonable prices.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Best regards.

Timm Preusser - Manfred Groebel - Curt Sanford

Dear E7 Elba Pilots,

while the weather is ugly today and tomorrow in western Europe and Italy, it looks like conditions are improving on Thursday, and much better on Friday. Philipp Tieman just gave me the following link http://www.ilmeteo.it/ to check Italian weather.

If you are coming from the Northern Countries (eg. Germany), check whether the route through the Rhone Valley gives you better conditions. The weather improvement seems to move from West to East – might be that the eastern routes remain more difficult.

If you plan additional stops in Italy, like in Florence or Parma, please check the PPR status and give them a call ahead of time, if necessary.

Here is a video from an approach to runway 16 at Elba (from the North) which nicely shows how to fly through the valley:


Fly Safely!

Timm Preusser