Travel Writer Hitching Rides to All 50 States

Hi everyone!

I am a travel writer who is “hitching” rides on private planes across the across US in an effort to visit all 50 states. I’ve done several so far (none on Cirrus), checked out Oshkosh, and plan on heading to the AOPA Aviation Summit in a few weeks.

Right now, I’m in Reno and trying to get to Las Vegas this week for an EAA get together. After that, I’m trying to zip around the west and knock out a few more states. You can follow my trip on (I’m blogging about it) and we are working on a PBS TV series. However, right now it’s just me while we search for more sponsors.

If anyone can help me out in any of the western states (or elsewhere) please let me know!



Cool adventure!
For your planning purposes I will probably fly empty from Las Vegas to Kalispell MTon 9/23!
My email gicci at hotmail dot com

Daredevil. Put some fuel in it!

You know I am a glider pilot at heart! I am hoping Pierre could tow me out of KHND!

Hmm…that timing might work perfectly so I might take you up on that. When do you think you’ll know?

Pretty much decided.
The only variable is in case passengers add between now and then. I will have to check in few days.

I fly back from Truckee to Vegas (Henderson) almost every week on Monday. I’ll be returning this Monday afternoon, weather permitting. I am picking up a passenger in Minden, south of Reno, so I might be talked into an additional stop in Reno, or maybe you could visit Minden or Truckee.

I would only ask for a very nice mention of COPA, the world’s greatest aviation club!


Flying on Pierre’s planes will be a lot more fun than flying on ours!!!

However, if Pierre asks what you think of painting, I advice you change the topic to, say, sculpture.

I was actually leaving tomorrow to go to South Lake Tahoe for a couple days so I can probably meet you in Minden or Truckee. Let me look into the transportation situation out there and I’ll let you know for sure. Of course I would give COPA a very nice mention :slight_smile: Is there a number I can reach you at? Mine is 585 245 1411 and e-mail is

Pay no attention to that “furner” Saigal’s cautions. I’m a former Scoutmaster! Reverent, brave, thrifty, etc.

We have a COPA fly in going on at Truckee this weekend, including seaplane rides. A bunch of seaplane pilots descended on South Lake Tahoe airport Monday (Labor Day) for lunch after a breakfast picnic on a Lake Tahoe beach. So there is a good chance that one of the rides could stop at South Lake and pick you up, either at a beach, or the South Lake airport.

I love it when girls ask for my phone number. Even better when they give me theirs first!. I’ll call you and we’ll work out a plan!



Please remember that the days of olden are forever gone and this person is a reporter (or claims to be) is conducting a story on air hitch hiking in 2012. Make sure you vet this person prior to “picking them up” or disclosing your itinerary to them so homeland security doesn’t have a field day with general aviation.
Thanks in advance!

I’ve got a busy weekend but if you get in a bind give me a call. Depending on the timing I may be able to help with a local (South Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Reno, Minden, Carson City) flight.




I’m not a “reporter” doing some undercover investigative story about the security of GA. I’m a travel writer - I go around the country reviewing hotels and writing about the areas I visit for Jetsetter and and they pay me enough to scrape by to the next place. I used to review cruise ships for Sherman’s Travel, but I left there to do freelance work because it became less and less writing and more and more advertising. Freelance work allows me to cover what I want.

Hitchhiking on airplanes was my own idea and I am documenting the journey in my own personal blog. Yes, I am including some of the things I am learning about aviation but I’m not trying to have TSA come and cause problems. It’s more of where I am and what I see and do, as well as my thoughts from an outsiders point of view about the community. I want to include some posts about the issues GA faces, in addition to some of the awesome things I’ve seen so far. If you have anything you’d like me to look into, please let me know.

As I was getting this trip started, I was approached by a producer interested in putting together a TV show for PBS. They are trying to market me as the “female Indiana Jones” type thing. This hasn’t started yet - we are still getting sponsors together which is a battle and a half.

Either way, I’m doing this because I thought it would be an interesting adventure that no one has done before and in addition to this, I have stumbled upon a great community of people.

There is a little more background about me on or


A few years ago PBS contacted me about doing a piece on dogs and flying after they saw a picture of my dog wearing Mutt Muffs. Then the funding ran out and the story was never done. Let me know if your producer has any interest in revitalizing the story.

Pilots and Paws is one of the items on our list for an episode (and other similar services). Can you send me your direct contact info and I can put you in touch with Patti, the producer.

I’m in Truckee right now! I was going to go camping but it turns out the state park already closed for the season!

Mission accomplished. I picked Amber up at the Truckee bus station Monday morning and handed her off to the President of the local Henderson EAA chapter after lunch. She will attend and I think speak at the EAA barbecue Wednesday evening. We had a great time together and if there was any doubt in her mind about which is the greatest aviation organization in the galaxy, well she’s now clear it’s COPA!

Amber is an intrepid traveler and a seriously trained journalist. As you can guess, she’s running on a tight budget (tent camping and hostels) and is appreciative of any and all help: either travel, or connections for potential sponsorship of the PBS documentary.

I hope the ride with Giusseppe works out. Meanwhile, I believe she’d love to see Utah, Arizona, or NM rather than spend ten days in Vegas, so if anyone is looking for a pleasant traveling companion with some cool stories, let her know.


Our trip is set.

KHND to KGPI on 9/23 9:30 AM out of VNE Jet Center!

How was the trip?