Updates on Plane Hitchhiking!

Hi everyone-

A little bit about where I am in my journey across the US by hitchhiking on airplanes. I have reached 13 states, visited Oshkosh, and have been featured in a number of media publications, including AOPA, NPR, Seattle Times, and NBC Today.com. You can learn more about my project as I attempt to reach all 50 states by GA on JetHiking.com. Thanks to the COPA members who have helped me reach my next destination or sent me advice and suggestions. Much appreciated!

I’m in San Francisco and trying to find a flight out of the Bay area (or nearby) to Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, or other parts of Cali. (Or anywhere in the US really). Let me know if anyone can help!

Besides Alaska and Hawaii, I know that the middle states are going to be my biggest challenge. Does anyone know of any fly-ins, organizations, etc. that are based in Oklahoma, Missouri,or the Dakotas, that would be a good resource for this region?

Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

Blue Skies!


Good luck!

Hi Amber!

I hope some of our stalwart Bay Area pilots step up! You all know who you are, so I won’t embarrass you all by mentioning names.

Amber is not just a hitchhiking bum. She is a trained and serious journalist and is a very interesting passenger. If you’re looking for an excuse to go flying, look no further!

Blue skies Amber!


Thanks guys! Looks like I’ve found a couple rides out…I’m heading to Arizona/New Mexico this weekend and then I don’t know where :wink:

Made it to Prescott, AZ! I love this little frontier town. Of course, my timing is off and Embry-Riddle is closed for winter break.

Here is some recent press:


Happy New Year everyone!

Amber am in Tulsa, OK. I can land in 4 states in an hour. If you can get close, would be happy to help in this area.
I work in Kentucky, Maryland, Utah, and Colorado, so timing could be an issue.

Thanks Richard…
I am currently in the Dallas area and I plan on going to the AOPA convention in Addison on Wednesday and then am trying to go to Louisiana in the next week.

Wed, Jan 23, 2013 - 7pm – 9PM

Addison Conf. &
Theatre Centre

15650 Addison Road

Addison, TX 75001

There a little football game in new Orleans in two weeks…you provide the tickets, I ll provide the transportation – haha – I won’t block the dates just yet. Good luck and Happy New Year!!


Baltimore all the way…


Im out of Nashville TN but down to St.Petersburg FL a lot. Willing to come a few states to pick up a friendly passanger.


Thanks James! I’m still in Texas at the moment but will be heading to Louisiana soon.I’ll let you know when I get closer :slight_smile:

Louisiana, Boy I’m going to get you into trouble with this crowd. Paging Carlos and crew

You rang?

Happy to help!

I’ll be in Dallas next week returning to KNEW 8th or 9th.

Hi Amber, I’ve been following you on Twitter. Let me know if/when you’re in the Mobile area and I’ll see what I can do to get you east.

Sorry, I just received this messages! I’m in Houston at the moment. I’m going to a 99s meeting tonight and am still working on leaving Texas. I thought I’d be leaving yesterday but there have been thunderstorms the past few days. I’m hoping the next stop is Lake Charles, LA sometime this week :)_

Anyone going to Sun N Fun? I’ll be at the Silver Wings clubhouse but I’m not sure what day yet.