JetHiking Part 2 ..Still Going Strong!

Hi Everyone!
Sorry I’ve been MIA; it’s getting difficult to update all the forums, but I wanted to let you know where I am these days with my airplane hitchhiking project!

As of writing this, I just landed in Norfolk,VA (on a Cirrus) marking state number 27. I am trying to head to New England next, hopefully Oshkosh in July and Alaska in August (somehow).

For those of you who aren’t familiar, I am a travel writer who is hitchhiking on general aviation planes in an effort to visit all 50 states. I started in July 2012 and am blogging about the adventure on and a book is in the works.

Speaking of the website, I just re-launched
so it should look much better on all those smartphones! I’m still working out a few kinks, but it’s getting there. I also bought a Go Pro
camera so I’ll be video blogging very soon. I’m editing a hang gliding video right now.
You can check out which states I’ve been to here:

I had a blast at Sun N Fun in April, and have been hanging out in South Florida for the month of May working as a bartender and as a deckhand on
a sailboat so I have the funds for part two of the journey.

Thanks to everyone who has helped with the trip and for all of your kind e-mails and support!

The adventure continues…

All the best, dear Amber!

Hitch a ride up to the Cirrus Migration in Mobile AL next week

I’m already up in NY…heading to Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine

Hmm, you could probably ride with Alex Wolf tomorrow, would be an adventure for sure :wink:

I’m still here…

Amber – Looks like you’re having a great adventure! Your website looks nice. A summer visit to New England sounds perfect!

Safe travels.

Well, I’m all the way over in Rapid City, South Dakota now. I had an amazing day yesterday exploring the Black Hills and am hoping to get to Wyoming next…I only have nine state left on this journey but am pretty stoked about Alaska. I just applied to a job at a base camp for a few weeks this fall. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

So, now that I’m getting close to finishing this trip, I’ve been asked, “what next?”

Well, I am writing a book. I’m going to get my pilot’s license, and I am considering a JetHiking Part 2…perhaps in Canada or Australia. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself…

Nine states left – you are getting close to finishing your quest!

Which 9 States do you have left to complete your journey?

Wyoming, Utah, Alaska, Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Hawaii.