This is for Art

Art, I’ve stayed out of this argument mostly because all of your posts and problems seem to have occurred prior to my membership in this forum. But now, since you’re going as far as you are, I have a question.

What are you trying to accomplish? You act as if you’re trying to “let the world know” how many problems you’ve had with your Cirrus. Why? It should be obvious to everyone that you are, (either through your own fault, that of Cirrus or just fate), an unhappy Cirrus owner. Well, OK. I think we all got that.

It would seem to me though, that the glaring lack of “me too” posts about others having similar problems should at least indicate to you that you’ve been, unfortunately, the victim of a plane with multiple problems, yet mostly alone in those problems.

What do you expect to accomplish? Anyone who reads your posts and your logbooks is going to come to the obvious conclusion that you’re a disgruntled owner who simply wants his pound of flesh. It will make you look like an angry man who’s demanding the sympathy of others even though no one is offering it.

You look like a guy who simply wants to “get” Cirrus.

You’re going to make yourself look like that guy in the department store who makes a spectacle of himself by yelling at the cashier about this or that problem with his merchandise, expecting that all the other customers in the store will sympathize with him, whereas all the other customers are doing is thinking “what an idiot”.

Art, all this effort on your part will do absolutely nothing but make you look like an angry man who has no other outlet for his frustration.

I have sympathy for your problems, but do you actually believe that anyone looking for a new Cirrus will read only your logbooks and ignore all the positive posts in this forum, as well as the ridicule directed at you?

Do you really think the world will thank you for posting all the boring details of all the problems that, apparently, ONLY YOU HAVE SUFFERED?

Post away if you like my friend. Scan and upload, in 4 part harmony, every sling and arrow you’ve suffered.

But rest assured, whatever you think you’re accomplishing will fade away in a matter of days as your posts end up in forum oblivion

If I am truly the only one, then I accomplish nothing. But when I read about the problems others have had, I suspect I am not. So if my complaints will give others the courage to come forth (in spite of the abuse they will receive) then I will have accomplished something.

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So if my complaints will give others the courage to come forth

I doubt anyone would need your complaints to have the "courage’ to come forward.[:P]

Sounds like you think you’re the only one with courage.

It also sounds like you think quite alot of yourself.

Ok, I got my answer. I’m done now. Nice talking to you.

Art & Others,

I’ve had more than the normal problems with my plane, which I haven’t attempted to keep a secret.

They’ve been worked through, with good support from Cirrus, and I’m very happy with the end result. I view my plane to have been within good reliability standards after a “high involvement” period for about the first 18 months.

My take is that with a new technology, some of the early planes will be problem prone, and that’s the price paid for being early on the bandwagon. On the other hand, I’ve had three great years with the plane, and even during the problem prone period, it was light years better than my old plane (which I also liked).

I consider myself to be a pragmatic person, and it has served me well in this process.