Top notch instructor/airplane

I picked up my “new to me” SR20 in Cedar Rapids on Tuesday and flew it 9 hours home in two days, with Matt McDaniel ( in the right seat, giving me the transition training I required along the way. Matt’s experience and credentials are only a small part of what makes him the best instructor I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from. His professionalism, knowledge, thorough and well organized syllabus, and patience made for a low stress and totally enjoyable learning experience.
The SR20 is everything and more than I expected. Like many of you have said, it’s a quantum leap in value,comfort, safety, efficiency, avionics and even looks. It was also quieter and smoother running than I expected. No problems with starting hot or cold. As for the cruise speed, no other types I’ve ever flown have quite met the book numbers either. The SR20 matches the cruise speed of a/c with 30% more hp and retractable gear and no parachute. And those a/c (the naturally aspirated kind) will need a long ground roll on a hot day in Denver at full gross also.
CAPS gives huge comfort. Over rough country I don’t expect to spend near as much time thinking about how and where I’d put her down if the engine quit “now”!


I feel totally the same about mine. Picked up a second hand SR20 in April and never looked back.

Some have been talking about the second hand value of SR20s. Personally I think they are ideal for someone who is serious about their flying, wants a airplane, and doesn’t want to wait. I do expect to fly mine for 3 years or so and trade up, but then others will still want the Sr20 as a starter ship. (esp with an Avidyne upgrade).

How many hours did you have before transitioning to the SR20? I only passed my PPL the month before, and went straight from a warrior to the SR20.

I’ve since flown nearly double the hours in the SR20 in 5 months than I did learning in the warrior in a year.

How many landings did you have to do before you were comfortable alone? I think it was between 10-15 for me, as a new PPL. Obviously more experianced pilots (like my instructor - she flys 146 jets as a day job) do it fine from the first attempt.

I’m just begining to let other people fly my plane, and I find my self being cautious in letting them even though they have been flying for 300 hours or more!

Does anyone have advise about how many hours dual someone should fly before being let out on their own in a Cirrus? How does this related to their previous flying experience?