Took the first step!!!!!!

I have posted here before and I am a past Diamond DA40 owner. I have recently left the partnership and started the checkout process in a 2002 SR20. As we know there are alot of haters when it comes to Cirrus and their safety and thank to this group I am working with a well trained Cirrus instructor and so far absolutely love this aircraft. Compared to the Diamond I feel like I am in a large luxury vehicle. All the stories of hard to trim, hard to hand fly etc. are rubbish in my opinion. I am so glad I decided to go this route. I have an extreme amount of respect for the plane and plan to continue training and learning and look forward to fly the Cirrus for many years to come. Thanks to all on this board for your support. I will be joining the group shortly.


Bravo. Join on the members side


Looking forward to seeing you “inside!”

Feel free to Join now! When I was looking for my 20 Alex let me know (in no uncertain terms!) that I should join right away. I promise it will be the best $65 you spend!

I purchased my 2002 SR20 back in August. Love it, Love it, Love it!!

Thank you everyone. I have officially joined and look forward to learning from each of you!!


Here is a tip for you since you are now a member.

Dennis Haber does not really exist. He is a fiction that lurks here. Now you are all good to go!


Why did you decide to get SR20 and not SR22?

When I was looking at my next airplane (not to buy, just to fly) I decided that SR20 was not good enough. It is supposedly less safe than DA40, it does not have more useful load and has worse takeoff performance. Few grand for training alone felt like a too high price for extra 10 knots at cruise and a bit more space inside.

Having flown both the DA40 and SR22 extensively I will tell you this:

  1. “a bit more space inside” is an understatement. I am 6’4". The Cirrus has a LOT more space inside.

  2. As for safety - you have to look at pilot behavior, not the airplane. As someone who has executed an emergency landing after a blown exhaust valve in an SR22, I can tell you it’s a comforting feeling to know you have the ultimate “oh $h1t” handle as an option if things really go south. You just have to train to use it.

  3. Takeoff performance - where are you trying to takeoff out of that the t/o performance of the 20 isn’t sufficient vs. a DA40? Hot and high, they are both pigs.

BTW - the long wings in the diamond help it handle great and it’s a blast to fly but it is not a fun ride when it’s bumpy. 20 airframe handles turbulence better IMHO.

And Cross winds!


The Cirrus range of aircraft at this moment of time is about the best money can buy and if operated as per the manufacturer’s recommendation, are the safest aircraft.

Those who dislike the Cirrus aircraft, are mainly those whom can not fly the aircraft or get on with its avionics!!! Someone who has been flying for years and find that he is unable to fly the aircraft safely, is not going to make a positive statement.

There are also owners of some used aircraft that find people do rather buy a more modern aircraft than their 60s designed fuselage. So I guess we are not going to see a lot of affections from these guys either.

DA40 is a nice aircraft, but I never understood the use of a centre stick in an aircraft that is also marketed as a touring/training aircraft (for the manufacturer it does make sense as the “Centre Stick” is by far the cheapest way to install a control system).

Our company in UK has a few leased single piston engine aircraft, but the only aircraft that the company owns are the SR20s. If anything we need an SR20 with a diesel engine.

Jim, I purchased a 2007 SR TN last August. I was a bit put off by the airplane at first. I now love it. It is a precise flying machine. You set it and it fly it. I also like flying Diamonds. Was disappointed when they dropped the D-Jet. I thought it would have made a good machine.

I have gotten used to the flat screens. The joy stick turned out not to be a non event. I no longer even think about it. My airplane has been upgraded with the Avidyne Autopilot. Very slick. DVC-90.

The only problem that I had, was with consistent landings. The Cirrus Way is for full flaps and no power. I make consistently good landings with partial flaps and about 15% power. That combination makes it easy. You just land 10 knots faster. Not a problem with 7,000 foot runways.

I would like to purchase the new Cirrus G5. I just need to explain to my son, that he really doesn’t need to go to college and law school.

Good luck - good choice. Tom Milam, Jr.