Only a few days before M14 registration cost goes up!

If you’ve been on the fence (or simply procrastinating) about signing up for Migration, you have only a few days left before the registration cost goes up. August 4th is the cut-off date. After that, it costs more, and we cannot guarantee that you’ll receive some items unique to M14 (e.g., M14 polo shirt, Banquet meal of your choice, etc.)

If your personal schedule is “up in the air” and is in the way of making a commitment, consider purchasing the optional “Migration insurance” when you register. Then, if you must cancel your attendance, all you lose is the cost of the insurance (~17% of the registration cost). Make sure that you check with the hotel cancellation policy, however. The insurance only covers the COPA portion of the event.

I hope to see you at M14! [H]

Blue skies,


Don’t Be “That Guy” and Miss M14!

This year’s return to Duluth, home of the “Mothership” includes some great Not-To-Be-Missed features, including:

  • Exclusive factory tours

  • Annual COPA Banquet, with AOPA President Mark Baker

  • Lakeside COPA Cabana Party

  • A Very Special “Cirrus Life” Event

  • Seminars and Presentations You Can’t See Anywhere Else

  • President Emeritus Mike Radomsky’s “Partner-In-Command” Presentation

  • Special Spouse/Partner Day, including Glensheen Mansion Tour (With Mimosa Bar!) and On-the-Water Harbor Tour and Luncheon

  • COPA Tradeshow and Exhibits

And much, much more!

Remember, you have just a few, short days before prices go up, register now!

Be safe, have fun and I’ll see you at M14 Duluth!

Ok, you guys win. I just signed up. Time flies, thanks for the reminder.

My procrastination can only go so far… I just signed up as well. [H]

I am “That Guy” and I’m really bummed, I’ve been contemplating sending my virtual presence device though…first I need to teach it how to fly the plane [:’(]

virtual presence.png

Update on rooms - still have Migration rooms available for $141, but only facing the city and in King size bed.

The Weber’s will be there!