British guy

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I am sorry, but I should have been more careful in my writing. I referred to him as the British guy because I couldnÂ’t remember his name. However, I didnÂ’t try to imply any thing about Brits. I am also not a native of the US, and have a few great British friends.
In any case, the guys name is John Bingham, and I believe that he is the VP of marketing.
I actually had two similar stands with John on the same day. The first one was after, they discovered that they installed a stormscope by their mistake. I was waiting in the same famous office. John entered and admitted they made a mistake, but they can’t give it for free. He then presented to me 3 options.
Option 1 - go back home and we will build you a new plane within 2 months.
Option 2 - Cirrus will remove the stormscope but I’ll have to stay an extra few days until they remove it.
Option 3 - pay a reduced price, which I admit it was a fair price.
I did eventually decided to buy the stormscope, but I didn’t care at all for the attitude that the options were presented to me. Cirrus made a mistake and they expected me to pay for the consequences. My time was not a value to John. Fly back with two connections to Connecticut, and come back in a few months when we build you a new plane.
Great attitude!


Hope Cirrus is reading this stuff. When I picked up my Cirrus, it couldn’t have been a better experience. I’ve told the story before but the morning of our flight home after training, we were delayed by Cirrus personnel (we were at the airport at 7:30AM). We found Dale K. (VP of manufacturing) and his son out on the ramp cleaning all the bugs off our plane (from the training flights). I thought that was remarkable! We joined in and appreciated a very thoughtful gesture.

Yes CD is growing and I doubt if Dale would have the time to do the same nowadays. I just hope that your experience with John was an exception rather then the rule. We all have our bad days. (John, say you’re sorry!)