The ideal hangar.

i am thinking of purchasing an SR22 and am wondering what is the ideal hangar in terms of dimensions, equipment and any other advice you can offer? eg what size would you need if you wanted to drive in and turn vs towing, remote control door opening etc

Any other advice worth considering is also appreciated!

Many thanks


Drive in? You mean under power??? No hangar I know of is suitable to taxi into under power. Maybe Moffett.

I have had a T-hangar with as little as 39.5’ width at the entrance but that is very tight. Having 42’ is much better. I used Aero-Tow tugs on my Cirri and they worked well.

There are a ton of threads about hangars (with plenty of photos) on the member forums. If you’re serious about buying an SR22, join. It’s the best $65 bargain in aviation.

U can drive a car in but never seen a hanger u can drive a plane into!?

40’ or > works nice. Plenty of great tugs (gas or electric ) takes less than 1’ to pull out or park a Cirrus.

I guess you and Gordon have never been in Mike Murdock’s hanger in Alabama. You can drive a King Air 200 through it. It had a King Air, a Cirrus, a Sportsman and about 150 people in it last time I was there and you could have had a soccer match and not hit anyone with the ball. Mike is an exception to most rules however!