Jockeying 2 Cirri in medium-size hangar

Stuart Smith and I have lucked(*) into a medium-size hangar to share for his SR20 and my soon-to-come SR22. From measurements and template drawings, we believe that they will both fit – with pretty tight clearances – one tail into the corner, the other on an opposite diagonal.

Assume we’ll need some delicate maneuvering – like rotating one plane just a bit to get the tail past the other nose! So we might need an electric tug with variable speed – there is enough of an incline to make it worthwhile.

Any advice on jockeying 2 low-wing planes into a hangar?

Any better ideas?


(*) Luck? Recall an earlier post from Stuart that San Diego has multi-year waiting lists for hangars. We really want to make this work!

Rick: I don’t have any experience in jockeying 2 low wing planes into a hanger. However, there is at least one company that is working on a variable speed electric tug. Aero-Tow at currently has the E-200. This is currently a 12-volt switch operated unit. Terry Railing is working on a 24-volt variable speed model.

He is also working on incorporating a detachable ground power cable that will plug into a connector on the tug and the Cirrus ground power connector. I think the cable will be an option to the tug.

Since his tugs already have built in battery chargers, once the conversion is made to 24-volt you will have the tug and ground power all in one unit.

Send Terry Railing an e-mail at to ask him about expected availability of the 24-volt variable speed model.

Good luck. Watch out for hangar rash!

We used to cram an unbelievable number of gliders into a single hangar using dollies with a caster on each corner. It was a bit easier with gliders because they only have one wheel, but two people could position a glider extremely precisely, even with a 65’ wingspan. Since the nosewheel of the SRXX is a bit difficult to steer, you may want to try a dolly on that wheel at least. Watch those wingtips, loss of a strobe is a grounding event.

How about a turntable? See:

Thanks. Aero-Tow is high on my list – lots of positive comments from COPA postings.


Is a hoist an option? See