Red Bull Air Race

I just watched this video of the Budapest Airshow 2014. If Red Bull brings just part of this to Las Vegas for the race there I am all in.

Cirrus will be hosting us on Friday night from what I have been told. Cirrus it better be a BIG PARTY. The one in Dayton is hard to beat.

Watch this video and lets all go to Las Vegas for Migration. Make sure you watch in HD.

John, I think if you sent that link to any FSDO suggesting that Red Bull be allowed to do any of that in the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”…you would be indicted for aggravated assault or attempted murder when several dropped to the ground with aneurisms while watching it.


Don’t tempt me. If I thought by having the FAA watch that, I could reduce their numbers. I would be sending it to all starting at the top.

No bridges in LV for them to fly under, but I bet they will have some exciting show to watch.

for all European fans of the Red Bull airrace:

next Race will be in Ascot, UK on August 16th, 17th!!

i will fly there from Hamburg.

Question to the uk pilots: which airport would you recommend for Ascot? Blackbushe, Farnborough, any other?

I don’t think that Farnborough will accept a SEP at all. Worth checking though.

The problem with Blackbushe, Fairoaks, Denham etc is that they don’t have any published approaches as far as I know so you are limited to those weird “IFR visual approaches” (something like a blend of an ILS to a nearby airport and a bit of a transit with circle to land like minimums rather than full VFR minimums : I am not sure if they are unique to the UK or are pan-European) if you can get co-operation from Farnborough / Northolt etc. You might be stuck going to somewhere like Oxford if you need a full ILS.

If you are going to the Cirrus sponsored pre-race party, my wife and I are going and can give you a ride if you are somewhere along the way (we live about 15 kilometres south of Heathrow).

Hi Anthony,

very kind of you, to offer me a ride, but we are three and plan to play golf on Friday, so we’ll take a rental car.

I have send an email to the Farnborough FBO asking for a quote. Would Biggin Hill be closer to Ascot, compared to Oxford, in case I need an IFR field? We are doing ILS approaches for cloud breaking followed by scud running to the destination field in Germany too.

Do you have any details on the Cirrus party (when, where)? Whom could I talk to, in order to get us on the guest list?



For all Americans, who think flying is expensive in your country:

Got a reply from farnborough FBO:

We would be able to handle your aircraft but I think the cost with the weekend surcharge may put you off.

The basic landing/handling would be £455.00

Any movement on a weekend incurs a surcharge of £390.00. So if you were to arrive and depart at the weekend it would be an extra £780.00. With regard to parking the first four hours are included in the landing charge then the cost is £20.50 per hour.

In addition we do not have AVGAS here.You may wish to have a look at Blackbushe or Fairoaks.They are not IFR but are in the local area.

Biggin might be a bit closer than Oxford but I think that the drive from Oxford will be quicker than the drive from Biggin at least 8 out of 10 times.

You local Cirrus sales rep might be able to get you on the guest list. If not try the UK reps (Phil Walker or Michael Wright :,

Event Details

**Where: **Red Bull Air Race Pit Area, Ascot Racecourse

**When: **Friday August 15th at 6PM

Meet Red Bull Air Race pilots in pit row from 6 PM - 6:45 PM!*

______Weather & schedule permitting

Wow, I just did the arithmetic. If you arrive on Friday at 10 am and leave on Sunday at 6pm, handling plus parking would cost about £1,900, €2,400 or $3,200 at a field where you cannot get fuel for your plane. Tough to compete with all of the Russian oligarchs with their very expensive planes and houses in London who use TAG at Farnborough.