Ahh, Tempe on Jan. 3rd. That is, of course, after the Bucks beat those smelly critters from up north. {Ohio State Univ. Buckeyes vs.Univ. of Mich. Wolverenes for all who don’t know about THE GAME} Any ideas about how one in a shiny new SR 22 would get into the Valley of the Sun from the east? IFR O2 and a whole bunch of Scarlet and Grey gear on board. Also any airport and FBO recs? Thanks, and GO BUCKS. Mike… “Oohhh we don’t give a damn for the whole state of Michigan, were from O-HI-O”.

Don’t make your plans just yet… Ohio State seems to always have trouble with the last game of the season!!

UofM --'00

Ah um! I seem to recall numerous games where OSU walked away with their tails between their legs!!


I live in Phoenix and am based in Glendale. First, forget PHX (Sky Harbor), its like the 8th busiest airport in the nation. A real zoo to get into. On the east side of town, you can go into FFZ (Falcon) or CHD (Chandler). Both are good sized airports with good services. Your welcome at Glendale, but its on the west side of town. I do have a double hangar and would be willing to give you some free hangar space if you like, but you will have to drive east to the game.

From almost anywhere in the midwest probably best low altitude route in is to LaVita pass. Its very near Cuchera Valley (think the identifier is 07V), just below Pueblo Co, then to Farmington then on to the valley of the sun. There is a pass there and you can make it all the way without O2 if you go that route. You will go over 12.5, but not much higher and not for very long. Anything much north or south and you will see higher MEA’s. No problem with O2. Of course Colorado weather could send you further south that time of year.

Flying that time of year here is fantastic, great weather usually and visibility is great.

Well, Darin as a '00 grad you are correct. However the last guy {I WILL NOT mention names} just did not get it. Coach Tressel understands. eg Nov. 24 2001. Woody, Earl, and now Tress all know that this is THE BIGGEST GAME both schools play. Don’t worry, Orlando and or Tampa are very pleasant in January. I’m sure you will have a nice time. Mike OSU '79 and OSU COM '83 GO BUCKS!!! Now, anybody know anything about Tempe?

EEEEEKKKK! Another one. Seems I have started something. Hummmm, a wager might be in order. Still trying to find some info on Tempe. I believe I will need it! OH-----IO; LETS GO BUCKS!!! Mike

When I grew up we learned the Buckeys were just a bunch of nuts.