Tail Number Search?

Does this feature exist? Did it exist at one time?

yes,on the FAA web page oron the app, N-Numbers

I meant on COPA

The member directory went away with the move to our new SW. They are working on a new one but am not sure of details. Maybe Erik or Mitchell can elaborate.

I can… Its have been in the works is working well in our test environment. However, We are waiting on some more testing and a few tweaks to the Platform before rolling it out. We also will be doing a Marketing Campaign for members to update their profile data, as we seem to have old Data out there for many.

We have a lot of other features in the Pipeline with those Tweaks, like:

  • Automated Discounts with Jeppesen (no need to email or call)
  • Separate COPA Directory Listing info from Shipping/Billing
  • Membership Business Directory Listing (Like @Tony_Sobczak 's Mousehouse Cheesehaus)
  • Anonymized Member Statistics (Total FlightTime, Flight time Previous 12 months)

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