Membership Database issues

Over the course of the next 1-2 weeks, I will be slowly phasing in some major changes to our membership database.
If all goes well, most of these changes will go unnoticed by most of you! (But we all know that things seldom go that well, so please bear with me!)

Also, I would encourage you to hold off on any membership database changes you might want to make in the next week or two. If you really want to change your membership information, that’s fine, but there’s a chance your changes will be lost when we switch to the new system. No new members will be dropped, but changes made to existing memberships might get lost.

I will let everyone know when the new system is up and running.


P.S. Some features of the new system will include a synchronized database between the forums and the COPA membership roster, a more stable database backend (SQL instead of the flat text file we have now!), collecting more data for statistical purposes (i.e. trying to get a handle for how many hours our fleet is flying), and of course supporting membership renewals! [Some of our ‘charter members’ will be expiring in October - it’s been almost a year already since we started!]