SR71 ,KRIV, SoCal Pirep, March AFB,

I went to March AFB yesterday and landed at KRIV / Million Air. I was offered a 2018 Sienna Minivan or a luxury Mercedes as a crew car - we took the Van as we were 7 people with my friend who met us there .
After exiting their beautiful FBO and telling them to top it off at a fuel cost that was very reasonable ($5.30) for a FBO, I went to the Museum and checked out the SR71 and the hundreds of other planes on display …
I thereafter went to a BBQ place called Uncle EM (yelp it). & had the best BBQ brisket (outside of TX)…

For many years, I was under the impression that March AFB was restricted from GA. I’ve talked to ATC and many controllers didn’t know themselves that this airport will accommodate GA if you use Million Air on the ground … Even yesterday, the controller was calling the FBO as they thought Million Air was closed on Sunday’s (I checked before Take off that all was good) . Each controller from KTOA (3) seemed skeptical & curious about our mission.

GO to March AFB!! It’s beautiful. The most friendly tower operator ever, best car selection for a crew car anywhere ! $5 facility fee, reasonably priced gas, and the best BBQ in the area, plus, one of the coolest runway (30) as it has so much rubber from all those c130’s landings baked into it… (Rey 32 is not available unless u are an aeroclub member -don’t ask for it)

If anyone wants to do a COPA fly in - we can reserve the minivan and Benz and have a fun afternoon …

Saturday July 7th ? 12-5 with Lunch ?

That is so cool to know.

I’m game for a fly-in but I’m out of town for the next few weekends.


Would love to but my plane is in for annual.

I’m up for it but later in the month. Sat/Sun 20/21 or Sat 27? Chuck

Even if we were all available, we’d bake miserably on Saturday. High temp is forecast 107F in the shade.

How about October 6 or 20? I’m hoping nobody would even think about making any plans to be anywhere other than Henderson on October 13.

Both October dates work for me! cw

Same here.

You are correct … this weekend will be a hot one …
1/2 the museum is outside and that too will be super uncomfortable to enjoy …

October it is .