SR22 Wing Tip Height

Are there any SR22 owners out there that could tell me how high the wing tip is above the ground? I’m trying to figure out if I’ve got to raise the height of a circuit panel in my hanger to squeeze that bad boy in. Thanks!

I’d like to know the answer to the same question so I can be sure that a SR22 will fit in my hangar which has a Schweiss bi-fold door on it. Thanks.

10 years old. Download the POH

I’ve got the SR22 POH, and I just quickly looked for the wingtip height.

Either I’m missing it or its not there.

Maybe someone can just answer his question?

I’ll bring a tape measure for the morning



Which model? I believe that G3s have different wings and higher gear than G1s and G2s.


Are you sure that is the answer to how high the wing tip is above the ground? More importantly, Jack is that really what you are looking for or the wing tip to wing tip length?

Alex -

I am looking for the wing tip height of a the G3 above ground. My hangar has a Schweis bi-fold door and I an concerned that the closing mechanism height above ground may be the same as the G3 wingtip above ground. Thanks.


It’s Super Bowl with the family. If I get time soon I’ll take another measure for a G3 this time. Yr up to 2 billable minutes thus far.