SR20/22 Seat Height STC maybe?

Hi All,
I am 6’ 3" and bit taller in the torso than some as I wear 33" leg jeans.

I really like the Cirrus and would love to join a group with a SR20/SR22 BUT. . .

The front seats seem to be mounted pretty high off the floor, so when sitting in a SR20 G3 today my head was against the ceiling of the cockpit.

I wondered if there was a STC mod to lower the front seats or if there is any seat height adjustment available somehow?

Many thanks in advance for any help :-]

I’m a couple of inches shorter, but if the seat is fully upright I also hit my head. I recline the seat one notch and that gives me sufficient clearance.


The seat rises as it moves forward, so if you have any option to move back a notch and still provide for full rudder deflection, that will help. And as Carrick said, recline the seat a little and that should help a lot.

Dr. Evil. Love it!


Thanks for the feedback guys.
I think the seat is definitely going to need to be lowered somehow. It seems to be mounted pretty high off the floor, so I was pretty surprised these wasn’t an adjuster to vertically lower the seat.
I am not that tall, but wonder if/how other have got around this, as it must have been a problem for others I would guess.

I wondered if there was a STC to use lower seat rails or a thinner seat base or something.

Would love to get into a Cirrus, but until I can find a way to get my head out of the ceiling it’s a bit of a non-starter.


What SEP planes DO you fit in? Wouldn’t think many if you don’t fit the Cirrus 2X.

The seat crush zone takes up a few inches, so that’s not going anywhere, padding isn’t more than maybe an inch, doesn’t leave much if any to lower it.


Thanks Robert, useful info.

I am just getting started, so looking for something to get my PPL in.
The training aircraft at the club I have tried are all lacking cabin height, so jumped in a SR20 earlier today and the cabin is really nice, but I was surprised with the headroom issue. A SR20 would be my first choice, if I can somehow make it fit.

I have tried:
Robin DR400 - Tight but maybe doable at a push.

Robin DR2100 - Similar to Archer, no headroom at all.

Archer (without seat height adjustment) - No good, too high so head pressed against the ceiling and cant read the instruments without doing contortions.

Arrow (with seat height adjustment) - Okay with the seat at its lowest position and one click forward from furthest back on the rails.

I noticed on the SR20 the seat seemed to be a bit higher than described in this thread by others, so maybe I should give it another go with the seat further back on the rails.

I have been advised a Mooney has decent headroom, but I can’t find one to try near EGBJ.

Similarly, I have read the Robin DR401 has a larger cabin than the DR400, so may take a trip to Mistral Aviation to give it a go.

Also advised a DA40NG is a non-starter.

So I am a bit stuck at the moment and would love to get my PPL underway, but I need to find a bird that I fit in :-/


Try Seat back and recline a notch. THEN you can install the rudder pedal extensions. That might work, but If it’s not perfect for you, I’d move on.


I’m 6’3" as well, own an SR22TN and have wondered if there’s ever been an STC to move the pilot seat back a few inches (i.e., by lifting and re-bolting the seat-rails back a few inches on the pilot side), which I know would leave almost no leg room for the seat behind, but it’s usually unoccupied anyway. It would be nice to have more of a “leg stretch” on longer flights and my legs would still easily reach for full pedal deflection. It may also help with the head room issue for us taller guys. That said, I bought my used plane from a 6’9" professional basketball player and I guess he managed with the pilot seat where it is, but I’m sure it was a pretty tight squeeze!

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Was your head hitting the ceiling, or was your headSET hitting the ceiling? If only the latter, something like a Clarity Aloft might be a solution.

If the former, as you evaluate your options, don’t forget that you’ll need some kind of headset.

I’m surprised, though. I’m 6’1” with a 32” inseam, so my torso shouldn’t be that different in height from yours, and there is absolutely no headroom issue. Were you sitting very close? As others have noted, the rails slope, so you’ll sit higher as you move forward.


I’m 6-5.5 with 36” inseam and SR2x is about the only small plane I could fit in “comfortably”.

All the way back and slightly reclined

I had an Archer 3 for a while and it is narrower so lots of rubbing on the person next to me. In that I had the shop move to seat stop or something to an extra inch of seat travel. It was fine but the SR feels like an SUV

You will never fit in a Mooney I think they are made only for jockeys…. My friend had one and I had to twist up sideways to sit and no possible to control anything

Thus, if you can’t fit an SR which seems unlikely you are probably limited

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Seems odd. I’m 6’4 with a 35” inseam and the Cirrus has to be the roomiest (both cabin height and width) single I’ve flown. A prior hangar mate had a shiny new Ovation that I could not fit in without slouching — I did not even fly with him as a pax.

I have no trouble fitting in my G1 22 at any seat position. I’d suggest the OP try again with various seat positions and incline.


Thanks Michael.
I didn’t move the seat back, so will give that a try.
It seemed the seat in the SR20 G3 I sat in was very bolstered compared to others I have seen, so I wondered if there were lower profile seats available.

From what I have read the Cirrus is going to be my best shot, so will definitely give it another go, taking on-board the advice received here.

I am looking to get a group together to buy a Cirrus to train in and then keep for the foreseeable, so I don’t have to mess around buying/selling stop-gap-aircraft, but I am the limitation at the moment, as I need to ensure I can fit before I can organise the group.

Thanks for all the help here guys

First - Move the seat all the way back - (reach in from standing in front of the wing - lift the seat release lever - move the seat all the way back ) -
Now, get in the plane - you should be able to lean forward and release the seat back - to recline - one notch - if required - but - NOW, you can pull the seat forward as required.


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Thanks Jeffrey, will give that a go and feed back.

Great community, really appreciate people taking the time to help with their advice :-]

If I just don’t fit I think I will have to go sit in a Commander


Perhaps something with an open cockpit….


As a previous Mooney owner, I found the head room better than my Cirrus. My head with a headset on has very little room in the Cirrus when seated in a safe side stick reach position. The Mooney seat moves up and down plus you are much closer to the floor. Some like that sports car seating some don’t. Side to side room sucked.

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Sounds a bit chilly for me

I own a Mooney Acclaim and an SR22.

The Mooney seat goes WAY back and moves up and down so you will be able to find a position in a Mooney long body that works for you. If you plan on flying with an SO and no one else it’s a hot ticket. I love the Mooney, but you do NOT want to train in it for your PP if that is the question.

It is a high performance aircraft and not very forgiving to students trying to learn to land. It would make a good aircraft going forward.

The Cirrus is beloved above the Mooney for everyone I ever put into both. You can get four adults in a Cirrus. It won’t happen on the Mooney. The Cirrus does not adjust up or down, I understand your issue but if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work. The 182 is an excellent platform to both train in and fly….